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Top Series A Startups Ready to Raise B Soon

73 Companies
List last updated: August 9, 2017

A quick flip through Mattermark data shows there are 73 startups in the U.S. who announced their Series A sometime in the past 14 to 20 months, have both healthy long-term and immediate term growth signals, and are likely to raise their Series B soon.

Mattermark Filters Used: (1) Country = USA (2) Stage = A (3) Months Since Last Funding >= 14 (4) Months Since Last Funding <= 20 (5) Total Funding >= 1 (6) Weekly Momentum >= 100

Name Growth Score* Mindshare Score** Employees Employee Growth Total Funding Stage
BrightFunnel -57 -86 30 -40% 8.5M exited (acquired)
DataScience 504 329 140 -2% 28.0M a
REVATURE 1,404 271 724 41% 20.0M a
KnowBe4 861 137 475 41% 38.0M b
Atlas Obscura 444 356 92 23% 4.5M a
RedBubble 998 410 672 16% 27.5M a
Spartan Race 317 -11 480 15% 10.0M a
Homie 11 -73 66 18% 8.3M a
Xola 65 23 50 -7% 6.8M a
Wevorce -22 -18 14 -52% 4.7M a
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* Growth Score: is a measure of how quickly a company is gaining traction at a given point in time. It incorporates web traffic, social traction, and business growth metrics like employee growth and funding. Companies who see growth across these signals are typically more likely to continue to grow as a result.
** Mindshare Score: Higher scores indicate sustained, steeper growth of public interest across several external signals. Negative scores indicate declining customer interest.
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