U.S. On-Demand Marketplace Companies

253 Companies
List last updated: August 1, 2017

Why this list matters: On-demand marketplace companies are increasing in demand as consumer appetite for them grows. You’ve likely heard companies described as the “Uber of X.” Due to the nature of on-demand and marketplace business models being highly discoverable, they’re going to have high Growth Scores. Sales reps can narrow the below list of companies by sorting by employee growth or filtering based on their target territory, industry or stage.


These are 10 companies that have on-demand and marketplace business models, ranked by Growth Score. Mattermark Filters Used: (1) Business Models LIKE On-Demand, (2) Business Models LIKE Marketplace, (3) Country = USA

Name Growth Score* Mindshare Score** Employees Employee Growth Total Funding Stage
Upwork 11,944 21 11,562 2% 168.8M late
Deliveroo 5,836 18 3,951 39% 957.6M late
Care.com 7,122 103 7,809 12% 155.2M exited (ipo)
Postmates 3,260 -353 2,808 27% 278.0M late
DoorDash 2,966 348 2,477 78% 716.8M late
Wag! 5,635 -25 1,926 75% 321.5M late
Udemy 2,254 556 1,856 47% 173.0M late
Shipt 2,132 0 1,274 87% 25.2M exited (acquired)
Favor 718 8 767 21% 37.0M exited (acquired)
Soothe 187 168 546 12% 78.3M c
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* Growth Score: is a measure of how quickly a company is gaining traction at a given point in time. It incorporates web traffic, social traction, and business growth metrics like employee growth and funding. Companies who see growth across these signals are typically more likely to continue to grow as a result.
** Mindshare Score: Higher scores indicate sustained, steeper growth of public interest across several external signals. Negative scores indicate declining customer interest.
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