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How to Contribute to the Mattermark Blog

The Mattermark blog publishes guest posts from industry leaders in the community. We believe sharing the voices of our peers is a great way to explore a broad array of topics and welcome fresh perspectives.

Why should you write for the Mattermark blog?

When you write a guest post for the Mattermark blog, not only are you building your reputation and sharing your expertise — you’ll get a lot of exposure and have the potential to connect with other contributors in our blog network. Since we like numbers and data, here are a few on the value of blogging for Mattermark:

• We have more than 100,000 email newsletter subscribers (your post will be shared in Mattermark Daily and/or Raise the Bar)
• We have 33.8K Twitter followers
• Contributors regularly tell us their posts have helped them increase traffic to their site, gain new clients and get additional exposure

Who is Mattermark’s audience?

While in the past we focused on the venture capital and investor audience, today our ideal readers are sales ops, sales development reps and sales managers.

What makes a good Mattermark post?

We receive far more submission than we can accept. To stand out from the crowd, consider doing these things before submitting a topic:

• Read our blog and subscribe to our newsletters to get a sense of what we publish.
• Focus on one main idea so the point of your post is clear. It should be easy to identify a thesis sentence.
• Tell a story of a lesson you’ve learned, problems you’ve solved and actionable tactics.
• Give concrete examples, details and metrics. Tell and show.

What topics is Mattermark looking for?

In general we’re interested in posts about these topics:

• Modern sales strategies
• Sales operations
• Data-driven sales
• Account-based sales
• Sales management

How do I submit a post?

Send your abstract or drafted post and a bio to editor@ In your bio, include why you’re an expert on the topic and a link to your blog, LinkedIn profile and/or website URL.

The content must be exclusive to the Mattermark blog. If you’d like to submit an abstract or blog post that is published elsewhere, consider submitting it for inclusion in one of our newsletters.

What is the editorial process like?

You will receive a confirmation email within one week of your submission. If your submission is accepted, we’ll reach out to let you know next steps.

If you need to know whether your abstract or article is accepted within a certain timeframe, please let us know. Similarly please let us know if you have a publication date request and the reason, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.