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Who Owns Lead Enrichment — Sales or Marketing?

Like most marketing teams, our team at Mattermak has a goal to actually connect with prospects, not just shove them through the marketing and sales funnel. To earn a customer’s interest, respect, and loyalty, we must forge a relationship with them by proving that we want to deliver real value and solve a problem, not just pester them for a portion of their quarterly budget.

When you sign up for a free product trial, it’s hardly a surprise when the company’s marketing or sales team reaches out — usually offering to answer questions and hopefully asking you to pay. Too often, though, customers that sign up for a trial, don’t request any further information, and are subsequently “forgotten.” It’s not that they don’t matter, but rather that sales and marketing teams frequently aren’t working in a cohesive way to ensure leads convert to sales and loyal customers.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Lead (or data) enrichment can be problematic because it’s difficult to know who owns different pieces of the puzzle. It usually involves multiple individuals on the sales and marketing teams. Yet in a traditional organization, this can become disconnected as marketing focuses on filling the top of the funnel and sales focuses on the middle to bottom of the funnel, turning leads into customers.

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At Mattermark, we view data enrichment an operational responsibility of the marketing team. Marketing owns HubSpot (our marketing automation platform) as well as all of the data that flows from HubSpot into Salesforce (our CRM).

Our team also has its own revenue commitment, so we pay incredibly close attention to the entire growth funnel, from first impression to closed deal. This means that even when a lead is handed off to Salesforce the marketing team is tracking progress, close rates, attribution, and much more. We work directly with our SDRs and AEs to ensure they’re getting high-quality leads, and provide as much information about leads as we possibly can.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Mattermark’s Data Enrichment

To add even more power to our lead enrichment, we’ve built an internal tool that automatically updates each new HubSpot contact with information about that contact’s company by pulling up to 80 fields of rich data from the Mattermark API. This company data is updated as Mattermark data updates, and automatically syncs to Salesforce.

We then provide our sales team with Mattermark data in Salesforce through our AppExchange app, so they can not only see company data and news directly on a lead or opportunity, but also control how individual Mattermark data fields map to individual Salesforce data fields.

So let’s answer the question posed in the title of this article: who owns lead enrichment? At Mattermark, the marketing team owns the operational process of lead enrichment by providing the sales team with enriched data across every tool they’re using.

Mattermark builds lead enrichment solutions that help sales teams get data-driven insights about companies they’re talking to. While the CRM appears to be a sales rep’s best friend, it actually becomes a nagging headache when information like employee count, revenue and geography constantly changes and quickly becomes out of date — or just go missing. That’s why we use the same tools we’ve built for our customers, providing you multiple ways to automatically enrich leads for your marketing and sales teams, no matter what tool they’re working in.

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