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Tracking Startups 6 Months After YC Demo Day – A Look Back at the Winter 2013 Batch

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Back in March when the Winter 2013 class on Y Combinator graduated and presented we were there to document their rankings the day before the inevitable PR spike that comes with Demo Day. Our rankings at the time were based solely on Alexa, before we had developed the Mattermark Score we use today. We took their temperatures again 1 month after Demo Day in April 2013 to see who was seeing the most traffic, and also included Facebook monthly active users for the first time (where applicable).

Today we thought it would be interesting to take a look at how they are doing, now that another 4 months have passed and the new class of Y Combinator graduates is being benchmarked for the first time today. Since we didn’t have Mattermark Scores back then this isn’t a completely apples-to-apples comparison, but we can compare the relative order of the companies within each list to see how their positions changed over time.

A quick note on colors – green indicates top 50% of the list for that period, darker green indicates top 10 list. Yellow indicates bottom 50% of the list for that period.

Interesting Observations

  • 3 of the companies in the top 10 before demo day have remained in the top 10 the entire time:  Teespring, Bitnami, and BuildZoom.
  • 50% of the current top 10 were in the bottom 50% of scores on the day before Demo Day.
  • 56% (9 of the 16) in the bottom 50% the day before Demo Day are still in the bottom 50% today.
  • On average, companies in the top 50% the day before Demo Day lost 9 positions.
  • On average, companies in the bottom 50% the day before Demo Day gained 7.5 positions.
  • Biggest outliers were Backerkit (+23) and Airware (+23)

Will today’s Mattermark Scores be predictive for the progress we can expect 6 months down the road from the current batch of Y Combinator companies? It is difficult to tell, but based on this data it does look like in order to fight their way out of the bottom 50% of the list companies need to continue focusing on aggressive growth following Demo Day and not take their foot of the gas pedal for even a moment.

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