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Mattermark Index: Y Combinator Summer 2013 Companies [Demo Day Edition]

This post is part of our ongoing coverage of Y Combinator Demo Day Summer 2013. If you like what you read here we hope you will consider subscribing to Mattermark Weekly – our weekly newsletter on startups investing.

We’ve ranked the current Y Combinator Summer 2013 batch by Mattermark Score – which awards points to each company on a weekly basis for increasing their website traffic, mobile downloads, inbound links, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and LinkedIn followers. Weekly scores are averaged over 90 days to arrive at the Mattermark score, to help account for spikes and drops related to PR (which can have a huge impact on growth rates in the early days of a company).

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2484 One Month Rails – learn Ruby on rails in 1 month for $49

1596 SpoonRocket – $6 designer organic meals delivered within 10 minutes
1287 Estimote – Sensors for retail stores.
1228 DoorDash – restaurant delivery network
1220 7 Cups of Tea – marketplace for emotional support, alternative to therapy
1128 Floobits – tools for simultaneous editing (like EtherPad, Google Wave)
1094 StatusPage.io – hosted status pages for communication outages/downtime
1090 Hackermeter – rating developers, marketplace for college recruiting
999 Senic – laser distance meter for commercial measurements (contractors etc.)
994 Kivo – document collaboration & annotation, Git for non-developers
918 Prim – laundry wash and fold delivery service
860 Amulyte – wearable necklace for elderly to send alerts to emergency contacts
858 Casetext – LexisNexis 2.0… or maybe “Rap Genius for lawyers”
785 True Link Financial – secure credit cards (for elderly, impaired, teens, etc.)
742 LocalOn – online marketing platform for local businesses
720 LE TOTE – Netflix for women’s clothes, unlimited wardrobe for $49/month
687 Webflow – hosted website design tools in the browser
652 Lob – API for printing (mail, collateral, signage, etc.)
651 BloomThat – flower delivery network, delivered within 90 minutes
605 Datarank – social media analytics for brands
583 Butter Systems – restaurant menus on a tablet
582 Weilos – P2P weight loss coaching
566 Standard Treasury – developer platform for commercial banking
452 Apptimize – A/B testing for mobile apps, no coding required
434 Meta – augmented reality glasses
432 RealCrowd – marketplace for invest in commercial real estate
383 Crowdery – A/B testing of physical products
331 Asseta – marketplace for reselling capital equipment (factory machines etc.)
323 EasyPost – API enabling developers to ship products
291 Simple Legal – tools to analyze legal bills and reduce costs from over-billing
264 Glio – Yelp for Latin America
179 Graft Concepts – smartphone cases with a swappable and customizable back
81 Reebee – app for bringing traditional paper promotional fliers online


Not Yet Scored

These companies are either too new or weren’t in our database prior to Demo Day. We will have scores available for them in the coming weeks.

Watchsend – SDK to watch users interact with your mobile app, find bugs

GoComm – mobile workforce communication, former DNC Chief of Staff Travis Dredd

SoundFocus – afforable modern hearing aids, without the stigma

Panorama Education – survey platform for K-12 education

Teleborder – Immigration process management (charges $5k per application)

Toutpost – reviews of everything, leveraging “this vs. that” search behavoir

ixi-play – Interactive robot toy for young children + app platform

Buttercoin – tools for launching your own Bitcoin exchange

*We have excluded companies who are “off the record” as well as a few who don’t appear to have launched previously. We will update this list on our blog.

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