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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, December 11th

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Rubbernecking around fallen VC hero Kleiner Perkins was taken to the next level today in “John Doerr’s Last Stand: Can A Dramatic Shakeup Save Kleiner Perkins?”

Silicon Valley denizens love to watch a potential train-wreck in slow motion, and there is no shortage of schadenfreude in the conversations we’ve been privy to. It all makes me wonder why so much attention is paid here, rather than to the hundreds of funds who have failed to raise and have gone out of business in the past 10 years? Cumulatively they’ve squandered far more LP money.

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The Investors

Coatue Management is the sole investor in the $50M Snapchat Series C (Source: Forbes), begging some interesting questions about competition among VC/PE/Hedge in later stage consumer deals.

Boris Wertz of Version One Ventures explores the tension a founder faces to take the right amount of risk in “Growth Versus Capital Efficiency”

Rob Go of Next View Ventures tells it like it is when it comes to working for a venture capital firm in “Don’t Be an Annoying VC Associate”

Semil Shah of Haystack Fund is profiled by Connie at StrictlyVC in “The Part-Time VC”

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures continues his series of posts startup boards with “How To Control Your Board Discussion and Avoid Chaos”

Mark Birch of Birch Ventures analyzes the 80-20 rule as it applies to startup sales in “Sales for Startups: Power-Law Pipeline”

The Operators

Adam Mosam of Pivotshare writes about something that’s been on my mind lately in “Creating a Startup Index Fund Using AngelList Syndicates: Leveraging AngelList Syndicates for Deal Flow and Diligence”

Jason Lemkin of Echosign offers helpful advice to SaaS startups in “Around $4-$5M in ARR, You Probably Will Need a Chief MRR Officer”

Steve Blank on figuring out if you should turn your project into a company in “How Do You Want to Spend the Next 4 Years of Your Life?”

Dana Levine shares the history of his previous company InstantQ in “The Story of My First Startup Failure”

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