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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

From the Investors

Om Malik of True Ventures provides his take on Google’s announcement and believes its new structure may reveal ‘substantial and interesting bets without regulatory scrutiny’ in “The Big AlphaBet

Brad Feld of Foundry Group mentions an ‘inevitable downturn’ in the current economic cycle, yet the beginning of a ‘dramatic shift in how our species deals with existence’ in “The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning

Scott Maxwell of OpenView Venture Partners notes that later-stage VCs can outsource some of the early-stage investment risk to angels and micro-VCs, which may lead early cos to be less disciplined in “How the Proliferation of Angels & Micro-VCs Impacts the Tech Ecosystem

A.J. Watson of Fundify expands on survey results that indicate more time spent on due diligence means less losses and more wins in “One Factor That Improves Angel Investment Returns by 7x

Jonathan Struhl of Indicator Ventures and Nick Moran of The Full Ratchet discuss the types of VC funds, establishing a fund strategy, and more in “Ep42: Raising a VC Fund (Jonathan Struhl)” (podcast)

Semil Shah of Haystack Fund plans an event to engage in a public discussion about how seed-stage companies can prepare for a Series A in “Live Event: ‘So, You Want To Raise Your Series A?

Adam Besvinick of Deep Fork Capital describes what he calls a ‘creative network’, how it compares to a social network, and names a few startups he’s watching in “Creative Networks, Social Networks, and Which One is Next?

RRE Ventures is hiring a Director of Platform in New York City.

Redpoint Ventures is hiring a consumer-focused Associate in Menlo Park.

From the Operators

Joe Coleman of Contently thinks the ability to fall in love with your company again and again is the real trait that keeps founders going through thick and thin in “Startup Status: It’s Complicated

Tucker Max of Book In A Box reflects on his angel experiences and advises potential angel investors to pursue it 100% or ‘you’re setting yourself up to lose’ in “Why I Stopped Angel Investing (And You Should Never Start)

William Mougayar of Startup Management details the role of marketing at three phases of startup growth and the elements of a brand strategy in “Why a Strong Brand Means Higher Growth and Better Valuation for you Startup

Patrick Woods of Archer Malmo thinks Paul Graham’s post misleads founders away from relevant names that support their brand story and explains why in “Change Your Name, But Don’t Sweat the .com

Mark Goldstein of Bad Ass Advisors declares that the value a startup receives from an Advisor is a critical factor in determining compensation in “How Many Stock Options Should I Give an Advisor?

From Mattermark

Sam DeBrule of Mattermark ranks 500 Startups’ most recent batch of companies in “Top 10 500 Startups Batch 13 Startups Sorted By The Growth Score

500 Startups Batch 13 Startups

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