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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, June 9th, 2016

From the Investors

Liz Fleming of Kauffman Fellows Program releases a detailed 22 page report of where Europe and Spain lies in terms of performance and capital efficiency in “The EUnicorn economy: opportunities for Spain

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Rodrigo Martinez of Point Nine “open sources” their technical due diligence framework for early stage startups to make the process more transparent and agile in “A Technical Due Diligence Framework for Early Stage Startups

Shahin Farshchi of Lux Capital Partners expands on how neural nets will free up scientists to do what they do best: get inspired, experiment, and invent in “The Next Renaissance is Upon Us

David Cohen of Techstars encourages investors to consider no longer using the “once you have a lead investor let me know” gambit in “The ‘Lead Investor’ Dance

Nabeel Hyatt  of Spark Capital reflects on the firm’s invests in Oculus and Cruise Automation and examines what it takes to get ahead of the curve in “20VC: Nabeel Hyatt” (Podcast)

Stuart Peterson of ARTIS Ventures shares how a Moore’s Law effect in genomics will lead to new opportunities for personalized medicine in “Moore’s Law & The Coming Genomics Revolution

Raph Crouan of Startupbootcamp writes about the four stages at which an IoT startup might benefit from an accelerator in ‘Why join an IoT and hardware accelerator?’

Julian Counihan of Red Sea Ventures explores what large corporations should think about when choosing the right venture strategy in “Choosing the Right Corporate Innovation Strategy


From the Operators

Freada Kapor Klein of Level Playing Field Institute launches two targeted programs to accelerate diversity efforts with the goal of making a meaningful impact over the next seven months in “Project Include: Moving from Words to Action

James Everingham of Instagram explains a management system he designed with few dependencies, single owners, and minimal decision points in “The Principles of Quantum Team Management

Nick Francis of Help Scout describes the benefits of player and coach roles, two types of leadership, and how to find alignment on compensation in “Organizing Teams With Players and Coaches

Kieran Snyder of Textio believes learning loops have taken over consumer software and walks you through what they are in “The Learning Loop Revolution

Jocelyn Goldfein formerly of Facebook guides you through the zero’th step in hiring: figuring out what you’re looking for in the first place in “How To Hire Engineers: Step 0, What To Look For

The Changing Value Of ARR, Part II (read more)

What is your recurring revenue worth? The news might be better than you thought. Our own Alex Wilhelm reports.

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