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Uber Takes on Lyft with Aggressive “Shave the Stache” Mobile Billboard

This morning at brunch Kevin remarked to me that he’d been seeing a lot more Lyft cars (a donation-based private P2P taxi service) around lately – so I was surprised at the coincidence when just an hour later the driver of the locally famous Disco Lyft car shared an this image (above) of a mobile ad billboard for competing car service Uber with the comment:

I’m proud to be a part of a community with a bit more tact in their marketing and recruiting.


Read the full Facebook thread here

What do you think – is Uber taking things over the top, or a clever tactic? It sounds like Lyft must be doing something well if they’re raising the hackles of a much more established, albeit startup, car service company. At first I actually thought it was an ad for Lyft before I read the copy (and who really has time to read ad copy anyway). The biggest problem with shaving a mustache? It grows back.

Photo Credit: Matthew Earnest

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