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Top 100 Startups with the Biggest Growth Spikes Last Week

At Mattermark we’re all about rewarding the consistent high-growth over the long term, and that’s what our proprietary Mattermark score calculates (and also factors out big spikes due to suddenly buying a bunch of likes, tweets, PR etc). However, it can also be a lot of fun to see who is spiking across the signals we track.

We asked our Twitter followers to help us get to 20 retweets to prove there is enough interest in this topic, and so without further ado I present to you the top 100 growth spikes last week, as measured by a weighted average of the growth rates of their web traffic, inbound links, Facebook page likes, Twitter followers and LinkedIn followers. How many of them have you heard of before?

Ranking Company Name Description Website
1 Qtrax legal P2P downloading service www.qtrax.com
2 Thunderclap crowd-powered social media platform for speaking out as a group www.thunderclap.it
3 Moz the world’s most popular provider of SEO software www.moz.com
4 Fancy part store, part blog, part magazine and part bookmarking tool www.fancy.com
5 Upworthy social media with a mission: to make important stuff go viral www.upworthy.com
6 Glide the world’s first video walkie talkie. www.glide.me
7 OPPRTUNITY matches professionals based on a mutual opportunity to do business www.opprtunity.com
8 Lyft P2P ride sharing service www.lyft.me
9 CoinDesk news and analysis on Bitcoin and digital currency world www.coindesk.com
10 Ad Magnet largest Indian digital advertising network www.admagnet.net
11 AgentsBids Indian web platform for agents to bid for customers requests www.agentsbids.com
12 Nifti create wish lists that track the prices of all the products you love www.nifti.com
13 Heml.is private and secure social network presented as a mobile messenger app www.heml.is
14 Floobits developer tools for remote pair programming www.floobits.com
15 Blue Apron weekly subscription service delivers everything you need to make fresh meals www.blueapron.com
16 Searchmetrics German search analytics SaaS provider www.searchmetrics.com
17 DuckDuckGo search engine with more privacy, less spam, power user features www.duckduckgo.com
18 Divshot Prototype responsive HTML5 interfaces in minutes and export to clean markup and CSS www.divshot.com
19 VAVEL social media that connects international sports journalists, authors and bloggers with readers. www.vavel.com
20 XingCloud cloud service for website globalization and localization www.xingcloud.com
21 The Oatmeal humor website and national Internet treasure www.theoatmeal.com
22 Total Sports Madness international sports news coverage www.tsmplug.com
23 Sverve connects businesses and the right social media influencers for online marketing www.sverve.com
24 Silp reverse recruiting, matches jobs with a users skills based on the Facebook social graph www.silp.com
25 FanBoom.net marketing tools for business owners and marketers to create custom Facebook pages www.fanboom.net
26 Spinnakr dynamic content targetted to specific cohorts of visitors www.spinnakr.com
27 Flyvpn international VPN services www.flyvpn.com
28 BlogHer community and media company created in partnership with women in social media www.blogher.com
29 Zapacos Venezuela-based fashion site for shoes, beauty and accessories www.zapacos.com
30 Udemy online learning with courses taught by experts from around the world www.udemy.com
31 ContaAzul web based SaaS accounting system for SMBs in Brazil www.contaazul.com
32 Askmefast online Q&A community site www.askmefast.com
33 Sensor Tower App Store optimization tools to improve your mobile app’s exposure through keyword research www.sensortower.com
34 Coub site for creating 10 second looped videos and sharing with friends www.coub.com
35 Impact Radius marketing solutions to performance-focused brands, agencies, and media companies www.impactradius.com
36 Lockitron keyless entry using your phone www.lockitron.com
37 Nitrous.IO set up a development environment in the cloud in minutes www.nitrous.io
38 Stitch Fix curated apparel and accessories for women to try on at home www.stitchfix.com
39 B5M Shanghai, China-based social shopping search engine www.B5M.com
40 Vox Media publisher of The Verge, Polygon, and SB Nation www.voxmedia.com
41 Circa mobile news reader www.cir.ca
42 Runrun.it Team Management SaaS for workflow, task management and employee monitoring www.runrun.it
43 Mattermark Oh hai www.mattermark.com
44 Soldsie enabling merchants to monetize their Facebook page with purchases through comments www.soldsie.com
45 MetricsCat aggregates app info & reviews from app markets, and gives you analytics www.metricscat.com
46 pricegenie.in Indian coupon and ecommerce price comparison shopping site www.pricegenie.in
47 Path.To connects the right people with the right job opportunities www.path.to
48 Travel Videos search engine for travel videos www.travideos.com
49 Widbook “the Youtube of books” – author/writer discovery www.widbook.com
50 Noble Samurai software for search engine marketing and optimization www.noblesamurai.com
51 boo-box Brazil-based targetted advertising platform www.boo-box.com
52 iZettle social payments company, services for P2P and B2C commerce www.izettle.com
53 Fotolia low-priced stock photography site for semi-professional and amateur photographers us.fotolia.com
54 Postable totally new way to write and mail printed thank you cards to people www.postable.com
55 CareerDean America’s career counselor www.careerdean.com
56 Peek curates activities that travelers can browse and actually pay for directly on the website www.peek.com
57 Collage.com upload photos, make a collage and pay to have it printed on apparel www.collage.com
58 Narrato personal journaling app www.narrato.co
59 Ink connect, store and process files from anywhere on the Internet www.inkfilepicker.com
60 Omaze gives everyone a chance to win once-in-a-lifetime opportunities www.omaze.com
61 WP Engine Heroku for WordPress, managed hosting platform for WordPress websites www.wpengine.com
62 Urban Daddy free exclusive daily email for men’s lifestyle www.urbandaddy.com
63 Fieldoo AngelList for Football (Soccer). Marketplace for football players & agents. www.fieldoo.com
64 Kapost content marketing software platform www.kapost.com
65 Empire Avenue allows individuals and businesses to measure and benefit from their online influence www.empireavenue.com
66 Shopgate mobile commerce software platform www.shopgate.com
67 BuzzFeed social news media site www.buzzfeed.com
68 Check app that stays on top of your bills & money for you www.check.me
69 Puppet Labs IT automation software provider, flagship product provides infrastructure management tools www.puppetlabs.com
70 Recon Instruments world leader in Heads-up Display (HUD) technology for sports environments www.reconinstruments.com
71 Teespring allows you to crowdfund custom clothing and apparel www.teespring.com
72 Kisskissbankbank crowd funding platform www.kisskissbankbank.com
73 Archive.is saves snapshots of websites, your own personal Wayback Machine www.archive.is
74 Tile location tracking device and app that makes losing valuable items a thing of the past www.thetileapp.com
75 Konga Online Top 3 Nigerian online shopping website www.konga.com
76 Grovo trains users on top Internet tools and cloud services with 60-second, personalized videos www.grovo.com
77 Smiirl ecosystem of connected objects that shorten the link between the digital and physical worlds www.smiirl.com
78 Oppa Brazil-based e-commerce company focused on making smart design furniture www.oppa.com.br
79 Fetise.com Indian niche online designer outlet dedicated to men www.fetise.com
80 99dealr.com Indian Craiglist, post and search free classified ads www.99dealr.com
81 RelateIQ customer relationship management (CRM) software re-imagined www.relateiq.com
82 Routehappy commercial airline flight search www.routehappy.com
83 3scale Free & Enterprise API management solutions for developers www.3scale.net
84 grenadine Brazil-based women’s jewelry ecommerce site www.grenadine.com.br
85 CARD prepaid debit card that’s social and fun to use www.card.com
86 Help Scout simple help desk designed for small businesses www.helpscout.net
87 Sched.org Conference and event organizers use Sched.org to manage their website’s schedule of events www.sched.org
88 Triberr community for bloggers to read and discuss each other’s content www.triberr.com
89 United Sound Army music social network www.unitedsoundarmy.com
90 AgoraPulse all-in-one, self-service Facebook CRM platform www.agorapulse.com
91 ShopClues.com India’s first and the largest managed marketplace and ecommerce destination site www.shopclues.com
92 FindSimilarSites helps you to discover similar and related websites for a given website www.findsimilarsites.com
93 Famecrowd grow your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram & Youtube www.famecrowd.com
94 Venddo Mexico-based social media lead generation platform www.venddo.com
95 LendUp socially responsible lender that offers a safe borrowing alternative to consumers www.lendup.com
96 Dealflicks like Priceline.com, but for movie theaters. save up to 60% on movie tickets www.dealflicks.com
97 Awe.sm measures the business value driven by each social post www.awe.sm
98 Snaglur social sharing platform, where users can upload images, share links & create blog posts. www.snaglur.com
99 Sharecare healthcare information search and Q&A site created by Dr.Oz www.sharecare.com
100 ITmozg Russian job search and careers website www.itmozg.ru

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