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Stealth Seattle Startup Highspot Raises $500K More in Debt Round

highspotlogoHighspot originally revealed they had raised a $2.25 Million debt round in June, and that number continues to climb according to an amended regulatory filing today, which now lists their total funding amount at $2.7 Million. The company describes itself as “the intersection of business, social, and search” and is lead by ex-Microsoft VP Robert Wahbe.

The company is still in “stealth mode” four months later, putting it’s total time from founding to unveiling at over a year — something quite uncommon in the post-“Lean Startup” era. No doubt the company needs capital, as the team appears to have reached 9 members according to LinkedIn.

Details are few on the website as well, which provides an overview of the mission:

Highspot is in stealth mode, building products at the intersection of business, social, and search. We aim to improve the way that millions of people work, by transforming the way they find and share information.

Today, it’s much too hard to find the information you need to get your job done. We know what we want – we experience it every day on the Internet. Search delivers pinpoint results. There are fun and useful places to explore almost any topic under the sun. We can share information with other people in rich and compelling ways. At Highspot, our goal is to bring these kinds of experiences to work, so you can find and share a critical business document as quickly and easily as you can find and share a great book.

They are primarily hiring for engineering roles (and most of the roles currently listed as filled on LinkedIn are engineers as well), as well as folks focused on data science. Notably, they are hiring for an iOS engineer, suggesting the product may be mobile-first or at least have a mobile component at launch.

We’re looking forward to tracking Highspot’s growth on Mattermark.

We have reached out to Highspot for comment, and will update this post when we learn more.

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