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Sales Efficiency: Data is Key to Top of Funnel Success

Sales teams are constantly looking for more efficient ways to move prospects from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel. That’s no surprise, yet they continue to struggle with optimizing their processes. The more efficient a SDR is at turning prospects into loyal customers, the more successful the business will be. But converting leads to sales requires more than speed. It requires evaluating prospects and nurturing them through their journey. Successful sales reps know that building rapport and strong relationships with customers is essential to long-term growth.

When sales reps are armed with information and truly understand the customer’s position in the market, they can better gauge if the customer matches the ideal customer profile and if their product or service will meet the customer’s need. By digging into data such as location, number of employees, recent funding, stage and employee growth, sales teams can spend more time filling the funnel with high-quality leads.

Boost Efficiency in the Top of the Funnel

Sales teams look for any edge they can get when finding prospects. The pressure is on to improve the efficiency of your sales team. For the biggest impact, take a page out of Tomasz Tunguz’s book, and focus your efforts on improving the top of the funnel to “save the time of your sales team and meaningfully improve unit economics.”

The better your SDRs get at qualifying and handing off highly qualified leads, the less you need to hire. Fewer SDRs, generating more highly qualified leads, drives down the cost of acquiring customers. Keeping this cost low will drive your sales efficiency up.

The result? Your company grows faster with less capital.

Find Prospect Data Fast and Easy

Sales professionals, like many others, never have enough time to complete all their tasks. On average, sales reps spend 8 hours a week searching for information and only one-third of their time actually selling.

When sales teams are armed with data to identify and focus on prospects that matter, sales and business performance increases. With Mattermark for Chrome, SDRs can easily see a company’s Growth Score, funding rounds and key people when they visit the prospect’s website or receive an email in Gmail. The Chrome extension is a one-stop shop for data consolidation and smart prospecting.

Gone are the days of conducting dozens of Google searches for information. They can simply click on the Chrome extension icon and have access to valuable insights. For instance, here’s the data you’d see on Pandora’s website:

Whether you’re researching an inbound lead or looking for new customers to go after, here’s how your SDR team can save time and find data fast:

  1. Visit the company’s website
  2. Click on the Mattermark Chrome button
  3. Compare your qualification criteria to the location, number of employees, and funding in the extension
  4. View your connections at qualified companies and start reaching out

Improving efficiency throughout your sales funnel isn’t easy, but it’s something you’ll eventually need to address. Speed up your sales prospecting and company qualification for your whole team today.

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