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Raise the Bar – Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Sales and Marketing Trends Report from the Top 50 B2B Companies, Free & Ungated (read)

Using Mattermark data, we were able to identify the fifty high-growth companies in the U.S. and evaluate their marketing activities to understand which practices really moved the needle. In order to make the qualitative portion of our research more tangible, we evaluated each company on the list in light of how they approached content, customer communication, path to purchase, and pricing.

What we discovered was surprising, to say the least. The free, ungated report.

B2B sales and marketing trends report 2016

Always Be Closing

Francis Brero of MadKudu identifies the main levers of improvement for SaaS conversion rates and how to execute against them in “What We Can Learn from Ants to Improve SaaS Conversion Rates

Craig Rosenberg of Topo and Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing covers sales development topics and inside sales priorities to focus on in 2017 in “Sales Pipeline Radio, Ep. 1” (podcast)


Expand Your Marketing

Christian Limon of Wish dives deep into why a company’s marketing DNA will be a key determinate of its ability to survive or dominate industries in “(Un)Intelligent Design: Marketing’s Lagging Evolution

Dave Gerhardt of Drift outlines the things that guide how they do marketing , from the way that they write, to how they think about product launches, design, and more in “The Drift Marketing Manifesto


Grow Up and To The Right

Paul Connor of NomNom interviews Josh Pigford of Baremetrics to discuss how Baremetrics built strong relationships with their customers, and Josh’s thoughts on what it means to be a customer-focussed business in “Interview with Josh Pigford, CEO and Founder of Baremetrics

Emily Smith of Cobloom expands on why investing in Customer Success can help you unlock huge opportunities for revenue growth in “Customer Success 101

customer success 101


Mattermark is Hiring

We’re looking to hire a Content Marketer, Account Executive, and Customer Support Specialist, full-time, in San Francisco. Here are the job descriptions.

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