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Raise the Bar – Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Accelerate Outbound Sales With These 5 Free ebooks (read)

Whether you’re just starting outbound sales or are looking for a way to accelerate the process you already have, you’ll never stop learning about how to create more efficiency.
Here are some free resources you need to read before you hit the gas pedal.
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Always Be Closing

Adam Clay of Black Duck shares a playbook for building a top performing sales organization in “Beyond Cold Calls: 5 Secrets to Building a Top Performing Sales Team

Bridget Gleason of Logz and Andy Paul discuss how to accommodate account executives with relocation issues, and how complex sales need a complex infrastructure in “Accelerate! Ep. #360” (podcast)


Expand Your Marketing

Tae Hea Nahm of Storm Ventures provides a framework for demystifying confusing Go-To-Market results in “What if the GTM Results are Underwhelming?

Jordan Con of Bizible looks at each stage and break down what they mean across three dimensions: strategy, planning, and measurement in “The 4 Stages of B2B Marketing Performance Management Maturity
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Grow Up and To The Right

Daishin Sugano of GOAT tells the story of building a marketplace in a fragmented industry and how a unique advertising approach catalyzed exponential growth overnight in “Ready, Set… GOAT

Manuel Frigerio or Maitre explains how charging from the beginning and offering great customer support helped him grow his business to $3,500/mo in its first year in “Indie Hackers: Maitre


Mattermark is Hiring

We’re looking to hire a Content Marketer, Account Executive, and Customer Support Specialist, full-time, in San Francisco. Here are the job descriptions.

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