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Q3 2015 Saw $21.9 Billion of U.S. Private Company Funding, Pace Shows No Signs of Slow Down in Q4

This post is part of our Startup Funding Benchmarking Series exploring the allocation, concentration, and macro trends in the financing of high growth startups.

While public markets ended the quarter in a struggle to rally off 52-week lows, private investment has continued to flow with the quarter-end mark of $21.9 Billion dollars deployed to U.S. private companies at the 2nd highest level since the beginning of 2010. Our original pace mark, based off activity in the first 4 weeks of the quarter, suggested funding levels would reach $21.6 Billion and we were pleasantly surprised to see our forecast off by just 1.4% below actual.


Based on the past 4 weeks of funding announcements which totaled $7.7 Billion, if Q4 funding activity were to continue at the current pace the total capital deployed would be $23.1 Billion. This is just shy of the record high quarter set in Q2 2015 at $23.3 Billion.

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