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Q2 2014 Startup Investor Portfolio Momentum Rankings

In March we released our first batch of portfolio rankings. To do this, we created a list of all active funds (a new investment in the past 6 months) and at least 15 portfolio companies total and measuring their average Mattermark scores across the portfolio.

View the June 2014 Mattermark Investor Momentum Rankings >>

While the Midas List produced each year by Fortune Magazine celebrates the past achievements and outcomes of investors, we believe these rankings provide some sense of which firms have sourced and closed deals with a concentration of hyper-growth companies gaining traction and mindshare right now.

To help with apples-to-apples comparison you can view rankings by B2B vs. B2C portfolio companies, and also view fund rankings by the current stage of their investments.

Top 10 Overall Investors

Congratulations to the investors who made the top of our list this time around.

  1. Fuel Capital
  2. Cowboy Ventures
  3. FundersClub
  4. Collaborative Fund
  5. CAA Ventures
  6. Ludlow Ventures
  7. Bezos Expeditions
  8. T. Rowe Price
  9. Slow Ventures
  10. Red Swan

See how your favorite investors stack up in the June 2014 Mattermark Investor Momentum Rankings >>

Curious how the Mattermark Score works? Check out our detailed description of how it is calculated. You can also use Mattermark’s Custom Score to build your own models and source startups

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