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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

From the Investors

Jeff Bussgang, VC and Harvard Business School professor, will lead an ‘HBS classroom’ style discussion at INBOUND 2015 of the Mattermark case, covering issues of startup strategy, go-to-market and financing. Learn more in “Jeff Bussgang: Back to Business School with HBS

Brad Feld of Foundry Group admits he’s tired of the term unicorn and says a $1 billion valuation is just a number, nothing special or magical in “Unicorpses

Kevin Spain of Emergence Capital reviews the current state of the estimated $100 billion enterprise mobile market and his predictions for where it’s headed in “Mobile Enterprise Trends 2015

Jonathan Libov of Union Square Ventures and Angela T. Kingyens of Version One Ventures conclude their four-part Q&A series on the future of digital healthcare in “Part IV: Networks & Marketplaces

Chris McCann of Greylock Partners visualizes various categories that make up the eSports industry and outlines his observations in “eSports Market Ecosystem Map

From the Operators

Sam Gerstenzang formerly of Imgur explains the ‘Silicon Valley mindset’ that introductions build vs. burn social capital and why that matters in “The Cost of an Introduction

Anne Toth and Stewart Butterfield of Slack report Slack’s employee diversity data and detail how they ‘achieve a workplace where all people can thrive’ in “Inclusion and Diversity at Slack

Brit Morin of Brit + Co shares her thoughts on the importance of ‘measuring everything’, the power of content, top traits to look for in hiring, and more in “Lessons Learned from Google to Brit + Co

Edlyn Yuen of Prompt reflects on her journey working on her email-based community project and ponders the path going forward in “What’s Up With Prompt

Join Mattermark’s COO and co-founder, Andy Sparks​ in Toronto, for a special fireside chat and networking event discussing SaaS growth, what a startup COO does, and how to use Mattermark for leads generation or deal sourcing. Register to attend Monday, September 21st, at 6pm EST in Toronto

2015 Startup Investing Survey


To gauge interest for startup investing, if Title III of the JOBS Act is finalized, Mattermark and Quire teamed up to conduct the 2015 Startup Investing Survey. (3-5 minutes to complete)

We hope the survey helps demonstrate that people want to invest in startups, and we’ll also gather information on such things as:

  • Why they want to invest
  • Which companies they want to invest in
  • How much their average investment would be
  • What geographies, genders and ethnicities they represent
  • (This survey is optionally anonymous)

Quire will use the data to urge the SEC to finalize Title III, and to inform their policy recommendations.

Head on over to Quire to take the 2015 Startup Investing Survey, and to our blog to learn more about why we think this is important.

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