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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

From the Investors

Sam Altman of Y Combinator launches YC Research, a non-profit research lab to back ideas that may take 25 years to come to fruition in “YC Research

Mahesh Vellanki of Redpoint Ventures takes a deeper look at the public metrics underlying marketplace businesses in particular – six metrics that make these businesses tick in “This Is How Public consumer Marketplaces Are Valued


Sarah Tavel of Greylock Partners expands on the two areas she believes are ripe for innovation in app distribution and ‘smartphone minutes’ in “Exploring Opportunities in Smartphone Minutes

Redg Snodgrass of Wearable World recognizes that building products is hard so he unveils his ‘e2e’ framework to help hardware founders avoid common pitfalls in “Hardware is a Long Game – Let Me Give You the Playbook

Shaun Abrahamson of Urban.us shares what he’s learned from making 19 startup investments as a Public Benefit Corporation in “Startup the $h!t Out of City Problems

Zach Aarons of MetaProp NYC details how and why he invested in Breather, and why he thinks Breather is the future of ‘conceptual commercial real estate’ in “How the Heck Did This Company Just Raise $20 Million from Peter Thiel?

Adam Draper of Boost VC takes pride in calling his portfolio companies ‘cockroaches’ and explains why in “Be the Cockroach.


FundersClub is hiring a Venture Analyst in San Francisco, CA.

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From the Operators

Tomio Geron of Exitround outlines the ‘long-term process’ founders go through when seeking an M&A outcome in “It’s All About Relationships When Selling Your Startup

Marius Luther of Memorado introduces TAD, a unifying metric for mobile value creation in “How to Measure the Success of Your App

TAD retention graph

Jeff Morris of Tinder insists that it’s ok for founders to get a job vs. getting caught in the cycle of testing ideas and making incremental progress in “It’s Okay to Work on Someone Else’s Idea

Brandon Redlinger of PersistIQ understands that a sale is not made based on the tools used, but rather a structured sales process in “The Complete Guide to Building the Perfect Sales Stack

Joel Grossman of Location Labs describes why Location Labs no longer negotiates offers with candidates in “Negotiating Comp Means Making a Deal with a Devil

Rachel Durfee of TicketFly announces that Pandora will be acquiring TicketFly and their next steps in “Pandora and TicketFly Join Forces to Create the World’s Most Powerful Music Platform

The Human Algorithm: Automating Startup Data Collection at Mattermark

Sarah Catanzaro heads up the Mattermark data team, where she leads a team of three analysts partnered with 3 machine learning engineers to collect and clean massive amounts of company data. Last week, she spoke at the RJMetrics Datapoint Live conference to share a bit more about how we achieve scale through automation.

You can view her keynote here.

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