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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

From the Investors

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures summarizes his discussions with over 100 LP firms that fund VCs in “What Do LPs Think of the Venture Capital Markets for 2016?

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John Lilly of Greylock Partners offers the entire Stanford course on blitzscaling, taught by him, Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, and Chris Yeh available via podcast and explains why blitzscaling is still important in mixed market conditions in “Now Playing: Blitzscaling

Mike Maples Jr. of Floodgate shares his take on how doing something legendary comes from obsessively pursuing insights that defy conventional wisdom in “Finding Billion Dollar Secrets

Alex Iskold of Techstars outlines the issues that arise when companies rush into funding too early in “9 Seed Funding Gotchas

Jason M. Lemkin of Founder-VC explains why SaaS companies should focus on improving every key metric and KPI in “What Is the Key SaaS Metric That Every SaaS Company Should Obsess About?

Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital gives his opinion on why equity and compensation shouldn’t be the most important thing when considering a move to a startup in “How to Compare Startup Equity Offers?

Jim Scheinman of Maven Ventures talks about his journey from a social media startup to consumer VC in “20VC: Jim Scheinman” (Podcast)

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From the Operators

Bastian Lehmann of Postmates expands on the core values of his company and their importance in guiding decision-making and company culture in “The Power of Core Values

Rahul Vohra of Superhuman uses his experience to offer advice on how to make your company’s acquisition work in “RIP Mailbox, or: Founders, How to Stop Worrying and Love Being Acquired

Mitchell Lee of Penny describes why prioritization is so difficult in a startup in “The Second Hardest Part’

Marc Barros of Moment walks through why entrepreneurs should embrace fear and confront it head-on in “Confronting Fear

Brian Balfour of Hubspot provides guidelines on how to have one great meeting that can prevent the need for numerous other mediocre meetings which consume time, money, and opportunity in “How to Run a Weekly Growth Meeting That Gets Results

The Current State of Venture Capital in 2016 (read more)

Contrary to what you might have thought, the venture capital market isn’t slowing down. At least not yet. So far in 2016, both deal numbers and dollars raised are up.


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