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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, July 9th

From the Investors

Joyce Kim of Freestyle Capital makes a compelling argument for why bitcoin is an essential issue for underbanked Americans in “Bitcoin in America

Angel Investor Andrew Chen offers growth strategies that are moonshots, barbell shaped, and scalable—but never all three at once—in “There’s Only a Few Ways to Scale User Growth, and Here’s the List

Kate Courteau of Y Combinator sits down with New Profit Inc. to discuss why “Today’s Social Entrepreneurs Must Have Tech Engineering Expertise as Part of Their Founding Team

Ben Horowitz and Shannon Schiltz of Andreessen Horowitz discuss the qualities to look for in your HR hire in “Protecting Your Company from Itself: Why You Need HR

Hunter Walk of Homebrew Ventures distinguishes insights, not facts, as the foundation for great startups in “For Startups, Knowledge is a Commodity but Insights are Valuable

From the Operators

Elizabeth Spiers of Matter profiles Shanely Kane, founder and CEO of Model View Culture, on feminism, corruption, and the role of an activist for women in technology and the world in “Speaking Up Every. Fucking. Time.

BlueJeans Network is extensively profiled by YourStory in “How to go from 0 to 2000 Customers and Raise $100 Million in Four Years: The BlueJeans Story

Ben Thompson of Stratechery looks at global trends in the smartphone market in “Smartphone Truths and Samsung’s Inevitable Decline

Myriam Joire of Pebble explains what it takes to be a tech evangelist in “So What Is It You Do, Anyway?

Stephanie Ryan of URX rounds up a State of the Deeplink Union in “The Deeplink Debrief – July 8

Interested in virtual reality? Ben Lang of Road to VR founded a publication worth following.

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