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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, July 16th

From Mattermark

Sam Altman of Y Combinator publishes a track record of YC alumni companies and hints at what’s to come in the new batch in “YC Portfolio Stats.” We dug into the Mattermark database to discover what’s the average size, stage, and location of Y Combinator companies: “YC Portfolio Stats – Mattermark Crunches the Numbers

I was digging around in my old Referly email account today, and happened upon an email update to our investors from over a year ago. It was May 2013, and we didn’t even know we would call our company Mattermark yet. Here’s what it said (typos and all): “We Shut Down Our Old Startup to Build Mattermark, Here’s What the Investor Update Email Announcing Our New Direction Said

From the Investors

Satya Patel of Homebrew emphasizes the saving grace of honest communication in “No Surprises: The Key to the Founder/VC Relationship and Avoiding the ‘Oh Shit’ Board Meeting

Neil Sequeira of General Catalyst Partners talks with StrictlyVC about e-commerce, a trillion dollar industry with room to grow, in “Opportunity for New E-Commerce Brands is ‘Endless’

Brad Feld of Foundry Group hears from Steve Olechowski, founder of FeedBurner, on why AngelList is so powerful in “AngelList Syndicate Feedback from an Experienced Entrepreneur

Nick Grossman of Union Square Ventures reports on his meeting with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and the “virtuous cycle” of innovation and investment in “The Freedom to Innovate

John Locke of Accel Partners announces their $61M Series A investment in Pond5, a heretofore bootstrapped company that’s shaping the rise of the video economy – “Pond5: Media for Makers

Charlie O’Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures reflects on his role as an investor in “My Role as a VC: What I Am and What I Am Not

From the Operators

Adii Pienaar of Receiptful explains that bootstrapping is about more than a bank statement; it’s a state of mind — “The Five Characteristics of Bootstrapping

Aaron Levie of Box explains how tech companies should collaborate with other companies and industries in “The Future of Enterprise

Liz Pearce of LiquidPlanner shares the struggles of being a CEO, a project manager, and a leader in “The World Waits for No Man – or Woman” (via Popforms)

Designer and Engineer Greg Cox recommends you the lifecycle of the operating system before investing time in design in “The UI Controls Pendulum

Fred Stevens-Smith of Rainforest optimizes his product design for those of us who have a tough time with shading in “Catering to Your Colorblind Users

José Ancer of Silicon Hills Lawyer plays the bad cop so you can look like a closer in “Contracts are for the Divorce; Not the Honeymoon

Dave Winer of Scripting.com ships so much quality code because of his age in “Why Age in Software is Bullshit

From the Community

Gil Gonzales pays tribute to the passing of his friend Susie Steiner, founder and CEO of Valet Boss and Startup Weekend Tampa Bay, in “It is Fleeting

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