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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

From the Investors

Gil Dibner releases 61 pages of data-driven analysis in “Venture Data: A review of VC in Europe & Israel in 2016


Sammy Abdullah of Blossom Street Ventures looks at the operating losses from 82 tech IPO’s since 1995 to make the point that ” High Burn Will Keep You from Exiting, Just Like Uber

David Beisel of NextView Ventures offers his first iteration of the “voicescape” to help orient people to the relevant categories and players in “A Personal Voice Computing Map

Sam Altman of Y Combinator talks about how ambitious young people should think about their careers in “Notes for the New Year

Richard Dulude of Underscore.VC shares his thoughts on major things to look out for this year related to Serverless, Machine Learning, and VR/AR in Three Big Tech Predictions for 2017

Dan Moss of Updata Partners believes there is a lot of noise out there regarding SaaS metrics and explains why he thinks that there are only two fundamental SaaS metrics that matter in “SaaS Metrics Framework


From the Operators

HeavyBit Industries compiles community talks to teach about essential content types with Danielle Morrill of Mattermark, distribution plans with Craig Kerstiens of Heroku, and the effectiveness of retargeting with John Sheehan of Runscope in “The Developer Marketing Guide

Travis Kalanick of Uber reveals his “ultra-warrior-l33t-skillz” (read: lessons learned) for raising your first startup or seed money in “Startup Seed Raising Skilzzz

Paul Jackson of Castle writes 3,000+ words for founders of startups who want to understand the difference between technology and product in “What Does Productize Mean?

Ryan Holmes of Hootsuite admits that building company culture doesn’t always have to entail a huge cost or commitment and outlines some of his ideas in “5 Cheap, Old-School Hacks for Building Company Culture in 2017

Jose Ancer, a startup lawyer, advises founders on the differences between an inexperienced legal counsel vs. seasoned veterans and the chess game of negotiations in “How to Avoid “Captive” Company Counsel


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What’s Dropbox Worth?

A new report discloses a Dropbox revenue figure. What does that mean for the company’s valuation?


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