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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

From the Investors

Sammy Abdullah of Blossom Street Ventures makes the argument as to why accelerators aren’t worth their cost in equity in “Why You Shouldn’t Join an Accelerator

Garrett Goldberg of Bee Partners outlines the first segment of his Evaporation Theory, a living thesis on where the trail of money disappears and thus, where we should look for businesses to support in “The “Evaporation Theory” & Where the Trail of Money Disappears: Insurance

Tim Kopp of Hyde Park Venture Partners shares relevant hiring lessons for startups and scale-ups in “Never Hire Without These 3 Characteristics

Isaac Madan of Venrock and David Dindi of a stealth AI company provide an overview of deep learning in medical imaging, current challenges, and a list of publicly available data sets in “Up to Speed on Deep Learning in Medical Imaging



From the Operators

Carrie Wiley from GoodCall explores the educational backgrounds of today’s Unicorn founders and shares insight into why 90% of them got their start at a small subset (3%) of US colleges and universities in “Unicorn Breeders

Guillaume Cabane of Segment collects opinions on marketing trends from several expert growth marketers, as well as reveals his analytics and data principles that guide his own growth experiments in “Marketing Technology in 2017

Dave Elkington of InsideSales does an in-depth Q&A with CFO Alan Black on current market trends and dynamics in “Quick Q&A With Alan Black

Prahasith Veluvolu of Mimir just created their first official employee guidelines they’ve implemented as they’ve scaled and shares them with other founders in his post “Our Corporate Policies at Mimir


The Past And Present Of Chicago Tech

There is, in fact, a world outside of Silicon Valley. Kicking off a multi-part series, Mattermark delves into Chicago’s tech history, and its future.


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