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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, August 6th

From the Investors

Phil Strazzulla, formerly of Bessemer Venture Partners, explains how slow procurement processes disadvantage specific industries, keeping away talent and capital, in “Slower Industries are Getting Slower

Brad Feld of Foundry Group sits down with Nick Moran of The Full Ratchet to discuss liquidation preferences and participation cap in “Episode 10: The Term Sheet

Jed Leidheiser of Work-Bench explores an emerging market at the intersection of two existing ones in “Big Data Security Analytics Landscape

Jonathan Friedman of LionBird continues his earlier thoughts on improvements to Angel.co and crowdfunding as a whole in “Ways to Improve Angel.co (Part 2)

Angel Investor Stephen Fleming connects entrepreneurs with Atlanta to “build startups for grownups” in “Five Years of ‘Not the Valley’

Angel Investor Mike Greenfield proposes solutions to the supply/demand imbalance in “How to Bring Innovative, Not-Insanely-Wealthy People Back to Palo Alto

Felicis Ventures raises $96M for a new fund and wins over some entrepreneurs by pledging to always vote shares with the founders” (via TechCrunch)

From the Operators

Niklas Agevik of Instabridge points to five apps that mastered different approaches to mobile distribution in “How Do I Get Downloads for My App?

Ellen Johnston of Makr asks, “When did being realistic become synonymous with lacking confidence?” in “Pitching like a Girl

Max Bulger of Wildcard stacks the future of the mobile web in “Why Cards?

Drivr, a Danish taxi startup, pauses expansion after threats from local taxi firms (via The Nordic Web)

From the Community

Aaron Smith and Janna Anderson of Pew Research report the results of the 2014 Future of the Internet study in “AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs.”

People Are Talking About: Foursquare

From Foursquare: “Introducing the all-new Foursquare, which learns what you like and leads you to places you’ll love.

Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz tells the story of Foursquare, from Dennis Crowley’s early days with Dodgeball to the division of Foursquare and Swarm, in “The New Foursquare

Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures breaks down the updated privacy model and predictive software in “Foursquare: Personalized Recommendations Unleashed

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