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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

From the Investors

Allen Morgan of Idealab notices an increasing number of direct-to-consumer e-commerce startups are adopting an offline presence as they scale in “Now, It’s D2C E-Commerce That’s Eating the World

Andrea Barrica of 500 Startups explains how startups can address team diversity and recommends to value diversity as early as possible in “Diversity Debt: How Much Does Your Startup Have?

Amutha Muthumukar of Hyde Park Angels details how founders can use Mattermark Pro and Mattermark Mobile to keep an eye on competitors and research potential investors in “Unlock Metrics on Your Investors and Your Competitors

Michael Gladstone of Atlas Venture describes how a growing, scaling company can retain/regain the ingenuity of its gritty early startup days  in “Autonomy, Ownership, and Trust – Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

Kapor Capital, in Oakland, CA., is looking for a full-time Portfolio Services Director (non-investment role).

From the Operators

Jared Friedman of Scribd reflects on the trends he’s noticed since the first YC demo day – more investors, later stage startups, older founders, diverse products, and more in “Nine Years of Demo Days: How YC Has Changed

David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp dives into how senior managers can better understand what’s really going on in a company’s culture in “CEOs Are Often the Last to Know

Julia Kurnia of Zidisha and David Zax of Fast Company cover her experience going through Y Combinator while taking care of her 2-year-old-son, alone in “The Toddler at Y Combinator

Andrea Saez of ProdPad gives founders homework to determine if and when they need a product manager on their team in “Does Your Startup need a Dedicated Product Manager?

Brett Bivens of Visible outlines how companies can share all of their data being created with everyone that matters in “How to Tell Your Company’s Story

Jimi Smoot of Vesper provides the science behind story telling and why selling with a story works in “Stop Selling Features, Start Selling Stories

From Mattermark

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