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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

From the Investors

Connie Loizos of Strictly VC and Peter Denious of FLAG Capital Management discuss his ‘observations and concerns about the current state of the venture industry’ in “Big-League LP: ‘It’s a Good Time to Be Asking Questions

John Lilly of Greylock Partners responds to Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz’s post on open and closed systems with his own perspective in “On Inevitability & Pendula

Rob Finn of Princeton Ventures displays his book of thoughts from VCs on the venture capital process in “Bridging the Entrepreneur & VC Gap

Arteen Arabshahi of Karlin Ventures launches the Karlin Fellows program for ‘rising industry leaders’ to attend four workshop classes a year, taught by notable industry experts in “Why We’re Launching Karlin Fellows

Nino Marakovic of Sapphire Ventures cautions founders to ‘grow [their] business quickly, but do so in a sustainable and enduring way’ in “House of Cards: The Risks of a Startup-Heavy Customer Base

Alida Miranda-Wolff of Hyde Park Angels guides founders with her ‘formula for a bulletproof elevator pitch’ in “Pitching Your Startup in 30 Seconds

Steve Guengerich of Powershift Group highlights sources of new venture finance for early-stage startups, he says are ‘hidden in plain view’ in “The Dark Web of Capital: Part 1

From the Operators

Lane Becker formerly of Get Satisfaction confronts recent attention about Get Satisfaction’s acquisition with his views on the team, product, investors, and his future plans in “The Abyss Also Stares Back Into You

Soam Lall of Kinnecting shares his journey building a mobile app for parents as a ‘non-Silicon Valley’ entrepreneur in “How I Launched My App, As a Solo, Non-Tech, First Time Founder, and Full-Time Dad

Raina Kumra of Mavin lists ten similarities she’s noticed in raising kids and building startups in “Ages & Stages: How Raising a Kid is Like Raising a Startup

Kevin Wofsy of Keen IO uncovers Kyle Wild’s thoughts on failure, public speaking, and how to overcome the fear of failure in “Lessons from a Failed YC Pitch With Paul Graham

Alicia Liu of Lift clarifies the meaning of imposter syndrome vs. self-doubt, the downsides of imposter syndrome, and ‘overconfidence in the workplace’ in “Imposter Syndrome Is Not Just a Confidence Problem

Gagan Biyani of Sprig announces his plans to expand Sprig’s healthy food delivery service nationwide with their $45 million Series B in “Taking Sprig National

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