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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, July 28th, 2015


Our 8-page Drone Overview Includes:

  • Growth Scores, Employee Counts, and Company-level funding data for the 10 fastest growing U.S. Drone startups
  • The 5 Most Active Investors in the space, sorted by number of deals done
  • Total Funding announced by 105 Drone startups


From the Investors

Michael Cardamone of Acceleprise reveals the eight enterprise technology companies in Acceleprise San Francisco’s newest cohort in “Announcing Cohort 3 in San Francisco

Brad Feld of FoundryGroup recommends founders practice filtering out opportunities that ‘don’t feel good/right’ and to focus on building their business in “Unicorns Without the Magic

Chris McCann of Greylock Partners categorizes the Internet of Things market to visualize how the different players fit together in “Internet of Things (IoT) Market Ecosystem Map

Ben Kosinski of Kosinski Ventures encourages founders to focus on what they want to build – where they see the company going – vs. building to win over an investor in “Build for Your Vision, Not for Investors

Justin Hall of Golden Gate Ventures warns founders that ‘bad money will sink your startup’ and describes ‘predatory angels’ in “When the First Cheque Can Kill You

Elizabeth Kraus of MergeLane lays out the ideal startup pitch deck format she believes founders should use in “A Slide by Slide Guide to a Killer Investor Pitch

Jo Tango of Kepha Partners advises founders to not just convince a VC to invest, but to be in buy mode when searching for VCs with aligned values in “My Fundraising Advice: Shop for Values

From the Operators

Henry Ward of eShares details the five lessons he learned raising their $7M Series A and why he says fintech startups should ‘go East’ for funding in “eShares Series A

Gillian Morris of Hitlist shares how her team realized their app wasn’t working and how focusing on users’ actions vs. written feedback increased retention in “The User is Always Right

Armando Biondi of AdEspresso provides his key takeaways in growing from 0 to $1.2M RunRate in 5 quarters in “9 Lessons Learned in Creating an Impossible Company

Jimi Smoot of Vesper explains why he thinks sales isn’t a fair game and how the best still are able to perform in “Stop Fooling Yourself. Sales Success is Mostly Random.

Alex Moazed of Applico speaks to Nirav from Nextdoor about how they leverage offline invitations to grow Nextdoor users in “How the Mailbox Can Be the Best Way for Startups to Reach Potential Users

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