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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Mattermark for iOS Now Free


We’ve been hard at work building Mattermark for iOS, which a few of our paying customers had early access to.

Now, for free, all iPhone users can use it to search the entire database of companies tracked by Mattermark, view a feed of funding events, and share information on companies with one click.

Download Mattermark for iOS

From the Investors

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint examines the fastest growing startup sectors by venture dollars invested in “The Fastest Growing Areas of Startup Investment in 2015

Jessica Livingston of Y Combinator readies founders for the hardships of fundraising in “7 Important Lessons from Airbnb’s 7 Rejections

Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures prepares CEOs-in-waiting for future success with 5 main suggestions in “How to Prepare Yourself to Be a Great CEO

Brad Feld of Foundry Group warns VCs and entrepreneurs against developing a reputation for recapitalizing Seed Rounds and shares a story of a VC firm that didn’t respect a $2m investment by seed/angel investors in “The Silliness of Recapping Seed Rounds

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures shares his secret that allows him to produce so much content in “How the Hell do I Prioritize Work, Blog & Find Balance?

Alex Iskold of Techstars provides a high-level overview of things for entrepreneurs to consider when raising venture funding in “8 Things You Need to Know About Raising Venture Capital

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures shares his views on Hillary Clinton’s comments that the on-demand economy is “creating exciting economies, unleashing innovation… and raising hard questions about work-place protections” in “The Gig Economy

From the Operators

Jason Li of Thanx details his entire process, from aesthetic to engineering suport,of redesigning the Thanx mobile app in “Designing the New Thanx App

Jason Freedman of 42Floors shares the pain and path forward from his mistake that cost employees their jobs in “After the Layoffs

Lauren Holliday of Freelanship chronicles her journey from moving out of her father’s house, to becoming a full-stack marketer, to winning clients and generating recurring revenue in “How I Went From Underemployed Waitress to the Top 1% of Millenials in 3 Months

Sunil Rajaraman of The Bold Italic analyzes the current state of the content marketing industry, and which company has the greatest chance of achieving a billion dollar exit in “Will There Be a Billion Dollar Company in Content Marketing?

Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia commands corporate decision makers to stop being jealous of competition, and start hiring better talent in “The Difference Between a Company Issue and a Human Issue

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