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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

From the Investors

Brad Feld of Foundry Group encourages CEOs to focus their organization into product, customer, and company ‘machines’ in “The Three Machines


Frederik Groce of Storm Ventures talks about how hard developing and having conviction can be in  “Conviction in Venture

Dalton Wright of Kickstart Seed Fund reflects on his fund’s investment mindset for the rest of this year in “Facing Uncertainty: Our Guiding Beliefs for 2017

Jessica Livingston of Y Combinator reflects on the downsides and friction of sharing ideas publicly in “The Sound of Silence

Willy Braun of daphni outlines examples and best practices of setting a compensation policy in “Startups Employees Perks & Incentives, Part 1: Wages


From the Operators

Todd Olson of Pendo publishes the slide deck the Pendo executive team used while fundraising, resulting in a $20M Series B round in “Pendo’s Series B Slide Deck

Janessa Lantz of HubSpot highlights hiring and recruiting advice around knowing what characteristics correlate with team success in “Welcome to Q1 (aka Hiring Season)

Ed Everett of Friday visualizes how to think about the differences between Minimum Viable Product, beta, and beyond in “Moving Past MVP

Greg Brunk of Astronomer tells a story that helps him navigate the complexity of the product development process in “Building an Unforgettable Product

Talia Wolf, formerly of Banana Splash, walks through how to leverage the power of emotion to grow conversions in “Emotional Targeting 101


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