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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

From the Investors

Morgan Housel of Collaborative Fund reports on why fewer companies are going public, why it’s a problem, and what can be done about it in “The Bad Side of a Good Idea

Nick Franco, Michael Moe, and Suzee Han from GSV Capital argue that while innovation in e-commerce has been focused on scale and speed, the future will be about creating a superior personal experience in “Enjoy to the World!

David Kelnar of MMC Ventures answers ‘What is Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Why is it important?’ and ‘Why now’ in his lengthy guide to AI – “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Primer on Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Beth Scheer of Homebrew discusses how startups can prioritize diversity on day one, how to identify team members who can scale at young companies and the traits that distinguish a company-changing Head of Operations in “The Hiring Tips You Need as an Early Stage Founder” (podcast)

Justin Lipman of Equity Venture Partners offers the first chapter of a ten part series detailing his rough movements in a typical fortnight as a VC in “A Fortnight in Venture Capital: Day 1


From the Operators

Russ Heddleston of DocSend and Megan Tonzi of Monetate sit down to talk about creating adaptable content for sales teams (aka skeleton decks), and the difference between sales content types in “Tackling Adaptable Sales Content [DocSend Podcast ep. 1]

Adelyn Zhou of Topbots covers how she got into startups, what it was like growing Diapers.com and being acquired by Amazon, and how to approach growth based on the stage of a startup in “Hack To Start: Ep. 126” (podcast)

Caitlin Denham-Swanson of Leanplum and Michael Eilers Smith of Frank + Oak chat about the intricacies of building a mobile-first brand from scratch in “Mobile Trailblazers: Meet Michael Eilers Smith

Andy Sparks declares that he’s working on The Open Guide to Startup Fundraising, a comprehensive resource kept up-to-date over time by a community, and asks for your help in “Help Build The Open Guide to Startup Fundraising

Seyi Fabode of Asha Labs provides his thoughts on how to assess whether you are fit to be CEO or not in “You Should Not Be CEO

Stewart Alsop of Alsop Louie Partners publishes his reaction to Chris Sacca’s contentious investment proposal on Shark Tank to one of his portfolio companies in “Chris Sacca, Vulture Capitalist


Pot Startups Tap Public Markets For Hundreds Of Millions (read more)

Venture capital funding marijuana startups gets the hype, but the big money is in the public markets. Here’s why.



How To Raise $1.9M In 4 Weeks With High Resolution Fundraising (read more)

High resolution fundraising allowed Pulkit Agrawal of Chameleon fill out their seed round with a VC and get back to work on what they love doing—building the product. Here’s a detailed walkthrough of how they raised $1.9M.


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