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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, December 2nd

From the Investors

Mike Brown, Jr. of Bowery Capital details the top ten ‘Opportunities in Vertical Software’ and the current ‘major and emerging players in each vertical’ in “Vertical Software Continues to March to Victory” (presentation)

Guy Turner of Hyde Park Venture Partners reports his findings that there is a higher amount of VC capital invested per capita in Ann Arbor, Michigan than the Bay Area in “Great Concentration of Venture Capital? Not Where You Think

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures presents contrasting perspectives of ‘intellectual honesty’ by the CIA and Dominic Orr of Aruba Networks, concluding, ‘it’s something we should all aspire to achieve’ in “Brutal Intellectual Honesty

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures shares the journey of Brewster’s evolving product and his characteristics of a startup pursuing ‘The Grind’ in “The Grind vs The Pivot

Hunter Walk of Homebrew interviews Russ Fradin of Dynamic Signal to discuss his humble approach to press, what he’s learned building three companies and more in “Entrepreneur Russ Fradin Makes More Money, Less Noise

Angel Investor Joanne Wilson challenges major educational institutions to ‘take a bold stand’ and rethink their curriculum, have co-ed fraternities and stop tenure in “What is the Future of Education?

Michael Copeland of Andreessen Horowitz talks with Tom Lehman and Ilan Zechory of Genius about the ‘basic principles of life and work’ they’ve applied to their company culture in “Guiding Startup Culture – The Genius ISMs” (audio)

From the Operators

Leslie Bradshaw of Made by Many shares her story of losing her healthy lifestyle and ‘hiring herself’ to get it back six years later in “How I Gained and Lost 60 Pounds as an Entrepreneur – and So Can You!

Serial Entrepreneur Michael Wolfe provides a lengthy outline of the content ‘you need to create to support the process’ of fundraising in “What Should Be in My Fundraising Slides?

Lincoln Murphy of Gainsight says ‘it’s not a big enough problem’ if you have to incentivize someone to talk to you about the problem you’re solving in “Why Incentivized Customer Development is a Bad Idea

First Round Review features Sahil Lavingia of Gumroad who offers his thoughts on how a flat team organization can work and how he’s built one at Gumroad in “An Inside Look at a Flat Organization That Serves Millions

Andrew Miner of Redwood Labs advises founders on how to choose a business checking account and why they are important in “Forming a Legal Entity (Part 6): Open a Checking Account

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