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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

From the Investors

Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital vents his concerns for ‘low frequency trading’ of high valuation private companies in “The Private IPO Phenomenon

Om Malik of True Ventures highlights multiple perspectives from notable VCs about the ‘Series A crunch’, the existence of unicorn startups, and the ‘bubble’ in “Bubbles, Distortions & Startup Realities

Nick Chirls and Alex Lines of Notation Capital reveal the pitch deck they used to raise their $8 million ‘pre-seed investment fund’ in “VC/Firm Fit

David Teten of ff Venture Capital provides his analysis of ‘VC and research funding compared with the cost to society of different diseases’ in “How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle with Venture Capital

Brad Feld of Foundry Group advises CEOs to double check their cash / treasury policy at their next board meeting to ensure they know where their cash is in “Cash Policies for Startups

Steven Sinofsky of Andreessen Horowitz guides founders in how to agree on the profile of a product manager role and lists how he’d describe the job position in “Hiring Your First Product Manager

Boris Wertz of Version One Ventures points out how Uber, Lyft, Etsy and other marketplace companies have approached the concept of building ‘buyer mindshare’ in “Marketplace Dynamics: Buyer Mindshare is Key to Building a Moat

From the Operators

Eric Jorgenson of Evergreen educates startups on the topic of employee onboarding and explains how it can impact future employee success in “How Employee Onboarding Can Increase Productivity and Decrease Turnover to Create Profits

Camille Ricketts of First Round Review features Eric Feng of Flipboard who explains why ‘you need to be as data-driven about your hiring, as you are about your product’ in “The Simple Numbers That Could Change How You Hire

Brandon Lipman formerly of 3DLT uses Mattermark’s Q1 ‘15 Midpoint vs. ‘14 Midpoint report to support his opinion on why the ‘bubble’ could be a good thing in “The Potential Upside to a Technology Bubble

Adam Lee of Bohemian Guitars says, ‘manufacturing is tricky’ and shares his lessons learned from building his hardware company in “10 Steps to Conquer Manufacturing Without Losing Your Mind

Author Salim Ismail for Medium’s Backchannel expands on why he thinks ‘dropping the cost of supply exponentially’ is the key to growing a unicorn company in “The Secrets of Unicorn Companies

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