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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, September 8th, 2016

From the Investors

Drew Oetting of 8VC discusses the key performance metrics and the frameworks companies can use to track and report in a systematic way in “Metrics: The Writing on the Wall

Elizabeth Kraus of MergeLane provides a (very) tactical outline for investors and entrepreneurs to understand the ‘Capital Raised to Date’ metric “Capital Raised to Date?

David Coats of Correlation Ventures believes that what really matters is whether or not a given fund handily beats a stock market equivalent on a net basis in “Response to A16Z’s Returns Coverage

Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital reflects on building the firm with Howard Morgan and why Brett Berson will be promoted to Partner in “Partners

Ted Serbinski of Techstars goes over the resurgence of Detroit’s automotive industry in connection with technology startups in “Strengthening Collaboration

Brian Scordato of Tacklebox Accelerator explains how classic storytelling constructs can help you build quick and meaningful relationships with new customers, using Super Mario Brothers as an example in “Saving the Princess: How to Use Storytelling Constructs to Make People Care


From the Operators

Cadran Cowansage of Y Combinator intends to create a place where readers feel comfortable engaging in the women-in-tech discourse, and female programmers can openly discuss their experiences in “Introducing Ask a Female Engineer

Brian Armstrong of Coinbase reveals where they think the digital currency industry is headed and how the world will come to have an open financial system in “The Coinbase Secret Master Plan

Jake Stein of Stitch releases a report that declares we’re in the middle of a data engineering talent shortage in “Intro: The State of Data Engineering

Russell Vaughan of GoSquared explains how having a sales engineer on the team will help you close more deals and set you up for customer success in “What Does a Sales Engineer Do?”


Baldwin Cunningham of Brit + Co concedes that even when you love your startup, you sometime need to take a break in “Running a Startup is a Lot Like Being in a Relationship

Cameron Conaway of Flow shows how to crush that post-meeting productivity drain in “How to Get Focused (and Stay Focused) After a Long Meeting


For Consumer SaaS, A Question Of Profits

SaaS is big for companies selling to other companies. Does it work well for consumer services? Here’s some valuable research on this subject.


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