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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, October 20th, 2016

From the Investors

Sarah Catanzaro of Canvas Ventures explains why enterprises need to start thinking about data as a strategic asset in “Why Data Strategy Will Save Machine Intelligence


Top Tier Capital sees that 63% of “Sports Tech” companies have been formed after 2011 and visualizes their specific product sectors in “Breaking Down Sports Tech


Rodrigo Martinez of Point Nine Capital highlights why having the right infrastructure and monitoring in place is important to scaling products in “From Launch to Series A: 2/10

Angela Tran Kingyens of Version One Ventures shares some high level points on how we can get to the right place faster in “One of the Few Girls in the Room: How Do We Accelerate Equality in Tech?

Chris Dixon, Benedict Evans, and Kyle Russell of Andreessen Horowitz deep dive on all the gear and players in the VR ecosystem, the evolution of content beyond gaming, and how the high-end will push the medium forward for all in “A16Z Podcast: Truce for Mobile, Battle for VR


From the Operators

Gunnar Lovelace of Thrive Market and Susan Su of 500 Startups go through how Thrive Market used content as a dominant growth channel to achieve unusual, and positive, results in “A Case Study of Content-Based Growth


Wayne Morris of Microsoft Dynamics and Manny Medina of Outreach give their perspective on Salesforce’s M&A strategy and what surprised them the most in “Leaked Board Deck Reveals Salesforce M&A Strategy” (video)

Jordan Gonen of Inside outlines the pre-launch playbook that led Disrupt Cards to becoming one of the top games on Product Hunt in “The Story Of Disrupt Cards


Dave Nevogt of Hubstaff walks through how they built a million dollar business without selling in “Marketing Trumps Sales


Deva Hazarika of Opstarts uses Buffer as an example of how companies can use scenario planning to see the future and maximize opportunities or prepare for the worst in “Scenario planning – A Secret Weapon for Your Business


Microsoft’s Commercial Cloud Efforts Chug Along, Reaching $13B Run Rate In Its FQ1

Microsoft’s cloud business continues to grow. We’ll examine the pace of that growth, and compare it to other recent figures. All that and margins.


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