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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, January 7th, 2016

From the Investors

Bruce Booth of Atlas Venture expands on four different characteristics of the current biotech market in contrast to its historic background in “This Time May Be Different: Today’s Biotech Market In Context

Tim Devane of NextView Ventures guides founders through explaining their addressable market size thought process and calculations in “You Can’t Judge Market Size by This Slide


John Lilly of Greylock Partners brings focus to the nature of startup operations at the early stage vs. late stage in “Orders of Magnitude

Angel Investor William Mougayar argues that regulation should lag innovation, or it will stunt the emancipation of future Internet software technologies releases in “Rethinking Regulation To Lag Innovation

Andrew Parker of Spark Capital and Nick Moran of New Stack Ventures cover algorithms as a competitive advantage in “The Full Ratchet – Ep 59” (podcast)

Dustin Dolginow of Maiden Lane Ventures discusses the opportunity for investors and founders that Syndicates presents, and the support, critiques and criticisms about Syndicates they’ve heard from others in the VC industry in “Venture Studio – Ep 16” (podcast)

From the Operators

Brett Bivens of Visible and Taylor Davidson of Foresight dive into why financial models are important and gives some insight into the best way to get started with building one in “Financial Modeling for Startups


Jim Shook of Dozen Digital details how much goes into building an effective customer acquisition system, reviewing over 300 tactics, techniques and strategies in “The Ultimate Customer Acquisition Checklist

Biz Stone of Jelly announces a return to the original vision of Jelly with renewed enthusiasm and highlights an entirely new product approach in “Ask Jelly

Steve Ridout of Readlang shares his experience of what most indie startup founders experience; lack of revenue growth in “3 Years as a One Man Startup

Sacha Greif of Sidebar responds to Steve Ridout’s post with further guidance and actionable insights on how to grow and monetize side projects in “Monetizing the Unmonetizable

Michael Yamnitsky of Work-Bench outlines why startups have the competitive advantage in building artificial intelligence in “Why Startups Will Dominate the AI-Powered Apps Landscape

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