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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, December 10th, 2015

From the Investors

David Skok of Matrix Partners offers a detailed theory behind the LTV model, a spreadsheet to calculate your own LTV, and a summary of Discounted Future Cash Flows in “What’s Your TRUE Customer Lifetime Value? – DCF Provides the Answer


Shivon Zilis of Bloomberg Beta visualizes the market landscape for machine intelligence and highlights areas of innovation in “The Current State of Machine Intelligence 2.0

Nathan Benaich of Playfair Capital dives into why now is the time for AI, operational challenges for building AI, and the investment climate of the industry in “Investing in Artificial Intelligence: a VC Perspective

Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures expands on why ‘we have massive amounts of capital available to invest in new endeavors’ in “Capital is No Longer Scarce

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures reminds founders to consider many factors as they evolve their startup’s organizational design in “Building the Machine – Organizational Design in Startups

From the Operators

Jacob Mullins of Exitround believes that 2016 is setting up to be the most active year for technology M&A ever due to some key contributing factors in “Yes, 2016 is the Year to Sell Your Startup…



Stephanie Engle of Facebook deconstructs barriers that breed complacency and keep people out of the design community in “Myths About Good Designers

Michael Sippey of Twitter shares his most important rule and three steps for gathering powerful customer feedback in “‘Get in the Van’ and Other Meaningful Tips for Getting Meaningful Customer Feedback

Jordan Brown and Eric Kreutzer of Lugg discuss hustling for their first users, learning by doing, and the adrenaline rush of solving people’s pain points in “How Lugg Got Its On-Demand Moving App off the Ground

Chris Savage of Wistia reflects on how they’ve been able to grow as a business by focusing on hustle, not hype in “Why We Built an Untrendy Company

Wade Foster of Zapier recaps going through Y Combinator, how his clients use Zapier, and practical ways of saving time on tasks in “Entrepreneurship, Progress & Productivity

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The Forbes Fintech 50 – Ranked By Mattermark’s Growth Score

Forbes published their Fintech 50: The Future of Your Money list of companies leading the industry. As with any such list, we love to provide better insight into how these companies are performing. We’ve used theMattermark Growth Score to rank all 50 companies (downloadable list).

See the Fintech 50 ranked by the Growth Score

top 10 fintech startups

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