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Mattermark Daily – Saturday, August 16th

From the Card Counters

Pact Coffee has been the #2 B2C Subscription E-Commerce Food & Beverages company in Mattermark since March. Earlier this week, Pact Coffee announced a £2m Series A. Want to call more deals? Sign up for a Mattermark Pro trial here.

From the Investors

Noah Lichtenstein of Cowboy Ventures describes the next wave of “magic” apps, those that aggregate content across your phone and synthesize it into a push notification, in “What Studying Students Teaches Us About Great Apps

Alex Mittal and Boris Silver of FundersClub outline best-practices for crowdfunding and the pros and cons of each approach in “How Crowd-Funding is Changing Everything and What That Means for Your Startup

Benedict Evans and Steven Sinofsky of Andreessen Horowitz debate Jim Barksdale’s theory that all money in software is made by bundling or unbundling in “a16z Podcast: The Topic That’s Lasted the Entire History of Computing — Bundling and Unbundling

Li Jiang of GSV Asset Management builds on advice from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner on focus, compassion, and thoughtfulness in “Three Things I Learned From Jeff Weiner’s Interview

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures looks at the rise of mega rounds as a share of total capital raised in “Are Tech IPOs Dying?

Tren Griffin of Microsoft elaborates on growth, uncertainty, and startup teams in “A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Paul Graham

Monk Seaman of SeedInvest picks apart the mobile infrastructure and societal obstacles present in “Future of Crowdfunding in China

Jeff Carter of West Loop Ventures notices cleaner cabs whenever Uber and Lyft come to town in “Free Market Competition is Good for Consumers

Brad Feld of Foundry Group praises the CEOs who actively put effort into being “Negative Maintenance” — “I’ve often said that every day something new in my world gets fucked up somewhere. This used to be distressing to me, but after 20 years of it, if I don’t know what the new fucked up thing is by 4pm, I start to get curious about what it’s going to be.”

From the Operators

Pieter Levels of NomadList already collected user feedback before he mistakenly launched his site in “How I Got My Startup to #1 on Both Product Hunt and Hacker News by Accident

Gabriel Weinberg of DuckDuckGo gets valuable product insight by channeling server logs into product iterations in “Traction Tip: Watch Your Logs in Real Time

Marc Köhlbrugge of Beta List cracks open the app folder and hears two coins rubbed together — “How I Discovered Yo’s Upcoming Revenue Model

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