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Mattermark Daily – Monday, October 5th, 2015

Mattermark’s Q3 2015 US Startup Funding Report (read more)

Each quarter, the analyst team at Mattermark puts together a summary of the past 3 months of deal activity in the US startup ecosystem to help investors get a sense of the overall market trends. This report takes a step back to examine the bigger picture alongside recent activity, to help you calibrate your gut feel for the markets with objective data.


This report includes:

  • Year-over-year deal volume trends overall and by stage
  • 10 year historical deal volume trends
  • Year-over-year capital deployment trends overall and by stage
  • 5 year historical capital deployments trends
  • Stage-by-stage average and median deal sizes year-over-year
  • Top 10 largest deals by stage

Download the 33-Page Free Report

From the Investors

Semil Shah of Haystack Fund shares why it’s hard to keep in touch with “out of market” investments with geographic divides, the fit matters between founder and market, founder and startup, and much more in “Reflecting On the First 100 Investments

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Chris McCann of Greylock Partners publishes his notes from the latest CS183C class the features Ann Miura-Ko of Floodgate’s talk with a Q&A by John Lilly in “Class 4 Notes Essay – C@183C Technology-Enabled Blitzscaling

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From the Operators

Ev Williams of Medium expresses his admiration for Jack Dorsey as the new CEO of Twitter in “Why I’m Glad Jack is Back at Twitter

Julia Cordray of Peeple responds to recent backlash about the morality of a ‘Yelp for humans’ and how she intends to create ‘the world’s largest positivity app’ in “I Became a Trending Topic for the Wrong Reasons. Here’s Why We Need Peeple, the Positivity App I’m Building

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Terry Lee of MeUndies encourages people to ‘lean in and embrace your Kryptonite’ to overcome your challenges in “The Art of Storytelling

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