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Mattermark Daily – Monday, February 27th, 2017

The Three Main Elements of Building a Repeatable Sales Process

The key to building any process is to break it down into its constituent parts. Each of these parts should be broken down into its “systematic series of actions,” then those actions should be broken down into their component actions. Continue breaking it apart and optimizing until you are at the elemental parts of the process.

Here we’ll go through the three main elements of your sales process, but this shouldn’t be where you stop. You need to continue on and on until you’ve optimized each and every step of your sales funnel.


From the Investors

Alex Danco of Social Capital explains why in a period of extraordinary change driven by abundant consumption, the important question to ask is, “What stays the same?” in “Understanding Abundance, Part 4: What Will Not Change

Chris Quintero of Bolt explores the risk and reward of investing in emerging technologies in “Why We Invest in the Adjacent Possible

Frederik Groce of Storm Ventures gives some guidance for startups that are struggling to balance high growth rates and growth efficiency in “What NASCAR can Teach us about GTM.

Claire Fauquier of Corigin Ventures advises people cold reaching out for jobs, for networking connections, and for startups looking for funding in “How to Crush the Cold Email Game

Jim Scheinman of Maven Ventures celebrates an exciting milestone for the autonomous vehicle industry with Embark’s launch in “How Self-Driving Startup Embark will Transform the Trucking Industry

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From the Operators

Kyle Hill of HomeHero announces that HomeHero has decided to cease all operations, remove itself from the industry of home care entirely, and hopes to help people understand the forces that led them to this decision in “There’s No Magic in Venture-Backed Home Care

Mathilde Collin of Front explains why she recommends hiring for (what she considered) unnecessary roles earlier vs. later in your startup’s lifecycle in “3 Critical Hires Most Startups Make Too Late

Frank Auger of HubSpot shares his advice on how to graciously receive critical feedback from your boss, even if it’s being delivered poorly, in “How to Receive Radical Candor.”

Chad Laurens of SimpliSafe discusses how he built an Internet of Things-like product before that phrase existed, before the hype helps your marketing or fundraising, and before anyone was thinking about the connected home in “In a World of Startup How-Tos, What About Bucking the Trend?” (podcast)

Vivian Cromwell of Chop interviews Irene Ros of Becoup to uncover how she balances between open-source and monetization for her data visualization projects, her background, and more in “Between the Wires | Irene Ros

Join thousands of business professionals reading the Mattermark Daily newsletter. A daily digest of timely, must-read posts by investors and operators.

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