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Mattermark Daily – Monday, December 19th, 2016

From the Investors

Samuel Gil of JME Venture Capital looks to help companies and investors plan revenue targets and required growth rates for the years ahead, from first investment to exit, in “Meaningful VC Exits

Jason Calacanis, a serial founder and angel investor, gives a dose of realness to “fake founders” with blunt advice on what they should expect as entrepreneurs in this tweetstorm (on Twitter)

Ben Einstein of Bolt deconstructs Pebble’s struggles and how they can benefit other young hardware startups in “What Hardware Startups Can Learn from Pebble

Beezer Clarkson of Sapphire Ventures evaluates her 2016 predictions about European investing and shares observations for the coming year in “One Year Later: Our European Report Card

Guy Turner of Hyde Park Venture Partners highlights the inadequacy of “end-of-year planning” for fast growing startups due to the lag between cause and effect in hiring a rapidly scaling team in  “Next Year Already Happened, Were You Ready?


From the Operators

Jeron Paul of Capshare provides statistical data on equity cap tables to help startup executives find analogies, patterns, and similarities in related startups in “4 Key Insights from Analyzing 5,000+ Cap Tables


Tom and Tim Chen of theFOMO reflect on the most popular issues and impactful stories featured in their newsletter aimed at navigating your 20’s and 30’s in “100 Days of FOMO

Sander Daniels of Thumbtack outlines what taking “the long view” means to him as an entrepreneur and why it’s been critical for building Thumbtack in “The Long View

Lindsey Frischer of Ross Intelligence offers an overview of how building a diverse team can do more than just improve your bottom line in “Why Inclusion Matters

Lexie Lu of Design Roast shows why startup leaders must think like journalists in “How Lean Startups Can Think Like Media Companies

Samuel Hulick of UserOnboard describes how incentives can prevent good user onboarding and why software companies should focus their onboarding efforts around helping customers get their job done in “Helping Sells Podcast Episode 28” (podcast)

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Startups Tap Expensive Debt To Avoid Expensive Venture Dollars

Borrow money, pay it back with growing revenue, and avoid dilution. It sounds perfect, until you consider its bill. Debt has a cost. 


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