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Mattermark Daily – Friday, August 1st

Today we are excited to announce our new Request Introduction feature to help connect our customers with the investors and founders they find through Mattermark. Request introductions to more than 5,000 investors and nearly 300,000 companies in Mattermark, and we will do our best to fulfill the request with a warm, double opt-in introduction. Read more in “Get Introductions to Startups and Investors with Mattermark

Fortune featured Mattermark’s partnership with Bloomberg Beta to create a predictive model for identifying potential startup founders earlier than ever before. Mattermark’s first engineer Nikhil Sarda built the model, which has a 25x better chance of predicting a founder than chance. Learn more in “Can You Find Founders Before They Know They Are Founders?

From the Investors

Semil Shah of Haystack Fund breaks down the “inside baseball” of pro-rata rights and the shift of power to founders in “Another Angle on the Shifting Pro-Rata Debate

John Lilly of Greylock ponders over the unique way that Stellar is compensating its employees in “I’m Super Intrigued by Stellar.org

Angel Investor Dave Winer imagines a fungible “virtual desktop” in the cloud in “People Need an Online ‘Nest’ They Own

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures listens for the alluring tone of the inevitable in “The Secret Ingredient To The Best Startup Fundraising Pitches

Phil Sanderson of IDG Ventures USA dolls out some career advice in “Advice for Execs and Entrepreneurs in a Career Transition

From the Operators

Todd Goldberg of Eventjoy shares why he’s bullish on Product Hunt and the PH community in “The Product Hunt Factor

Nic Haralambous of Nic Socks takes a stand against unethical business practices in “Why ‘It’s Just Business’ is Bullshit

Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn discusses bitcoin, predictive software, the state of LinkedIn, and more in an interview with Charlie Rose

Steli Efti of Close.io coaches CEOs on building trust and asking the right questions in “Essential Sales Skills for CEOs Webinar

Aaina Sharma of HelloSign gives an in-depth look at the company’s complete redesign in “HelloSign is Leveling Up

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