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Mattermark at SaaStr Annual 2016: The State of Venture Capital

SaaStr Annual 2016 Live Stream Video

At this year’s SaaStr Annual event, Danielle Morrill will reflect on 2015’s State of Venture Capital & Startup Traction. She will highlight last year’s trends, with the goal of surfacing insights you can take into account this year. So what’s the data telling us for 2016? Will funding keep pace? How easy or difficult will it be for entrepreneurs to raise money this year? How long will these rounds take? These are the questions that Danielle will be answering tomorrow (February 10th at 9:15am PST) on the SaaStr stage, as she shares key data from Mattermark’s 2015 Venture Capital & Startup Traction report (50% discount code below).

For those of you not attending SaaStr, have no fear, we’ll be live streaming the event and her talk right here for you. Be sure to tweet your key takeaways with #SaaStrAnnual @Mattermark @DanielleMorrill

SaaStr Annual 2016 by SaaStr

Watch SaaStr’s SaaStr Annual 2016 on Livestream.com.

What’s in the report?

Mattermark’s 2015 Venture Capital & Startup Traction report takes an in-depth look at the funding events, growth signals, exits and other insights into the fastest growing private companies. It’s compiled by our independent, in-house editorial staff to help you make fast, informed and accurate decisions. A few highlights from the report:

  • With $7.3B of capital deployed in January, 2016 was the strongest start for VC deals of the past 10 years.
  • However, the capital deployment pace so far for startups in 2016 is down 23% from the Q3 2015 peak
  • And the average Series A round size pace was $9.8M in January, down from the $10.4M average for 2015.

As a special offer, we’re making this year’s report available at a 50% discount. Just enter promo: “mattermark below and you get $50 of the minimum $99 price. Last year, over 800 of your peers purchased the report within 48 hours of it’s publication. You can click the Gumroad button below to purchase this report.

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