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Here’s Where Startups Raised Around The World In 2015

tl;dr Want to see where capital was deployed last year? Mattermark has you covered.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 12.54.57 PM

If you are a regular Mattermark reader, I presume you spend more time than most inside spreadsheets and data sets. We feel your pain. Today, however, we’re here to help.

Instead of yet another normal graph or chart, we have something fun. We took nearly every 2015 funding event in our database and mapped it by city onto an interactive globe. So, if you want to see where capital was deployed around the world, this is your lucky day.

Here you go:

Now to the fine print. The above interactive chart uses a Mattermark dataset that includes 7,340 2015 funding events. That list was pared to 6,855, as we only utilized events that were denominated in dollars, and were mapped to a city. Also, the height of each bar is normalized to the highest value present, which was San Francisco. So, you have a nearly complete list, across the world, comparable to the San Francisco market. It’s quite fun.

I’m considering doing the same experiment following the conclusion of the first quarter of 2016, and drawing up another projection of the first quarter of 2015, to see in a very visual format how capital flows are shifting. Perhaps we can make it into a gif of sorts.

As a final aside, it’s interesting to recall how global the venture capital world is. This is not something only present in California. That’s something to celebrate.

Editor’s note: Shoutout to Mattermark’s own Karan Goel who came up with the visualization. He’s a pretty cool guy.

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