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FlightCar Launches Monthly Program Paying Car Owners Up to $400/Month, Whether Their Car Gets Rented Or Not

If you live in San Francisco and have a car it’s likely you pay more than $100 a month for parking. Whether it’s a garage or the meter, or maybe a bunch of parking tickets, you’ve probably often wondered if there is a better option – or if you should just sell it altogether. Now there is, with the launch of FlightCar Monthly you can now get paid to have someone else drive your car as a rental vehicle. Instead of spending money on parking your car will be parked for free, and you’ll get a check for up to $400 depending on its make, model, and year.

Despite legal troubles earlier this summer centering around a lawsuit brought by the San Francisco Airport, which believes FlightCar is operating as an on-airport car rental company, FlightCar has continued to gain momentum. The companies following on Twitter and Facebook, and anytime you see someone tweet about their parents using a relatively new service by a startup I’d take that as a good qualitative signal:


Web traffic on the other hand, has been in a bit of a slump since it’s peak in late June, thought this could be attributed to a drop in media attention around the lawsuit, a slower summer season for car rentals, or a decrease in marketing spend.

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Read the briefing provided by FlightCar’s PR below.

FlightCar Monthly Briefing

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