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500 Startups Batch 11 Demo Day – Sorted By The Growth Score

500 demo day

Today, 500 Startups Mountain View, is hosting their Demo Day for Batch 11 (Spring 2015). 30 companies will be pitching their products to an audience of VCs, Angel Investors and decision makers at large tech companies, in hopes of closing their next round of funding. At Mattermark, we’ve tracked the startups with our business intelligence platform. The list below is sorted by our Growth Score. The Growth Score is calculated with Mattermark’s Mindshare Score, which quantifies metrics from app downloads, social media traction, website traffic and press mentions, in addition to number of employees and capital raised over time.

We ranked this great batch of 500 Startups companies and found the following 10 with the highest Growth Score:

  • Italist, is a marketplace for high-end fashion multi-brand boutiques, new talents, and emerging Italian brands. Mattermark Growth Score: 703.
  • Slidebean, is an online platform that designs and creates presentations on demand with user provided data. Mattermark Growth Score: 489.
  • Cloud Academy, is a platform to learn cloud computing and test your skills. Mattermark Growth Score: 488.
  • VaiVolta, is a marketplace to rent construction equipment. Mattermark Growth Score: 313.
  • Rover, is an iBeacon platform that enables retailers to deliver content based on a customer’s location within a store. Mattermark Growth Score: 289.
  • CoinPip, enables international money transfers for freelancers that are cheaper, smarter, and faster via Bitcoin technology. Mattermark Growth Score: 251.
  • Funnely, is an ad spend optimization product focused on ecommerce businesses. Mattermark Growth Score: 230.
  • Headout, is a mobile on-demand marketplace for tours, activities, and travel experiences. Mattermark Growth Score: 211.
  • HeTexted, is a vertical advising platform providing suggestions about data and relationships. Mattermark Growth Score: 190.
  • Techpear, helps companies find and quality test intern applicants for marketing, customer service and bookkeeping. Mattermark Growth Score: 92.

Here are the other 20 great companies at today’s Demo Day:

  • ChouxBox, is an invoice and cost management product for the restaurant industry.
  • eTobb, is a free online medical platform that allows its users to ask health-related questions and receive answers from doctors.
  • Cleanify, is a local cleaning service marketplace. 
  • ProSky, is an online collaborative experiential learning platform for job training and recruiting.
  • AppZen, helps companies reduce fraud and improve compliance for expenses.
  • Coinding, is a Bitcoin services designed to allow developers around the world to easily integrate the power of Bitcoin into their games.
  • connected2.me, is a free-to-use web service that enables users to anonymously chat with others.
  • Mountary, is the easiest way to get your photos, posters, and art on the wall.
  • Socialight.io, is a platform for adhoc analysis of competitors, customers, and social influencer data.
  • PlotBox, is an operations management platform focused on the workflow of cemetery and crematoria operators.
  • BLINQ, is a mobile messaging app that surfaces recent social activities of the people you talk to.
  • Nativetap.io. test and debug your app with one tap.
  • Catnip, is a mobile personalized magazine with ‘snackable’ content.
  • ElWafeyat, online obituaries and condolences for the Middle East – ‘Ancestry.com’
  • 99Gamers, is the ‘largest and fastest growing video game marketplace’.
  • Paykind, transparent, easy and trackable mobile payments for remittance and aid.
  • AstroPrint, cloud OS and developer platform for 3D printing.
  • Studypool, is an online education platform which helps students solve academic questions.
  • Strapping, is a personalized box of men’s clothing for gay men, delivered seasonally.
  • Doughbies, local, freshly baked cookies delivered in 20 minutes or less.

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