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Weekend Reading: 57 Startup Investing Links from Last Week’s Mattermark Daily

This past week we tried a new experiment, publishing a Mattermark newsletter every day with a selection of links and other news from the startup investment ecosystem. Below you’ll find our picks throughout the week, providing great weekend reading if you’re trying to catch up on the industry before the work week begins.

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ff Venture Capital Touts Fundraising Under New SEC Rules as Most VCs Hold Back by Russ Garland at The Wall Street Journal (read more on the ff Venture blog)

Mark Andreessen: No, no, no. We Still Do Series A Startup Funding by Cromwell Schubarth at Silicon Valley Business Journal (and find the Hacker News thread where Andreessen clarified here)

Ryan Sarver on Why He Became a VC by Leena Rao at TechCrunch

We Care About by Nivi on the VentureHacks blog (AngelList)

Are Medical Device Startups Invited to the Biotech IPO Party? by Damian Garde at Fierce Medical Devices

Comparing ‘Shark Tank’ to Venture Capital Reality by George Deeb at Forbes.com

Deal Selection in Venture Capital by Rob Go of Nextview Ventures

About the Recent Spate of Large IPOs by John Lonsdale of Formation 8 Partners

Do VCs Expect Too Little From Marketing Tech Startups? by Judy Shapiro, CEO & Founder of engageSimply

Weary of ‘Fruit Fly’ Consumer Startups, Andreessen Horowitz Raises Series A Bar by Yuliya Chernova at the Wall Street Journal

Bridge Rounds vs. Series A Rounds by Danny Boice on Tech Cocktail

Venture Capital Financing Statistics in the U.S. [Infographic] by Business Ideas Lab

As More Startups Move to San Francisco, Y Combinator Opens A Satellite Office In the City by Ryan Lawler

We’re All Investors, But We’re No Angels by Dan Primack at Fortune

Lessons That Matter: Six Takeaways From the Accelerator’s First Class of Startups by Hannah Eaves at the Knight Foundation

The Rise of Fat Venture Capital by Andrew Chen

The Glorious Post Seed Startup Financing Chaos by Fred Destin of Atlas Venture

The Separation of Advice and Money by Sam Altman of Y Combinator
In Defense of Selling Out by Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital

Why Should VCs Hire Associates? by Roger Ehrenberg of IA Ventures

What Do Venture Capitalists Do Everyday? by Ilan Saks on BetaKit

Is the Cost of Starting a Business Less Than Zero? by Seth Levine of Foundry Group

Splice by Andy Weissman of Union Square Ventures, on his latest investment

AngelList and Beyond: What VCs Really Think of Crowdfunding by Lora Kolodny at the Wall Street Journal

Chart: Zulily is Bigger Than Twitter, and Grew Faster Over the Past 3 Years by John Cook at Geekwire

Openbeta Syndicates – Two Weeks In… by Betaworks (disclosure: I was an early investor in Estimote, whose syndicated round on AngelList is discussed in this post)

Waterloo’s Velocity Renames Venture Fund, Shakes Up Funding Structure by Joseph Czikk at BetaKit

Andreessen to Whiny VCs: “I feel terrible! How will they afford their third vineyard?” by Sarah Lacy at PandoDaily

Who’s Cashing in on the Tech IPO Surge? These VCs Are by Cromwell Schubarth at Silicon Valley Business Journal


Not Always Up & To the Right by John Lilly of Greylock

GrowthHackers.com – pretty useful stuff being curated here, get some good Internet marketing advice regardless of what you think of the “growth hacker” movement

The Mega Guide to Maximizing eCommerce Sales, Revenues and Performance on All Fronts by KISSmetrics

How YesGraph Got Its First 1000 Users

Business Love by Brad Feld of Foundry Group

Love, Greed & Fear: What’s at the Core of Your Product? by Hunter Walk, Homebrew VC

The Why and How of Updating Your Angel Investors by Dharmesh Shah on OnStartups

Inside AirBNB with Its Co-Founders on Charlie Rose on Bloomberg TV

The Best Series A Story Ever: How One Company Landed a Great Valuation on a 24-Hour Deadline by Carmel Deamicis at Pando Daily

Introducing Our New CEO, Richard Jalichandra by John Ramey, Founder of iSocket

Sales Efficiency Benchmarks for SaaS Startups by Tomasz Tunguz

What Makes a Great VC by Micah Baldwin, CEO & Founder of Graphicly

Joining Wealthfront by Andy Johns

My Reaction to Zulily’s IPO and Flash Sales Explained by Greg Bettinelli

Don’t Be a Gatekeeper by Julia Zhuo at Facebook

The Simplest Brand Health Question for Your Startup by Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures

There’s a .00006% Chance of Building a Billion Dollar Company: How This Man Did It by First Round Review

How Do You Motivate Yourself and Stay Focused? by Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures

How to Turn Data & Creativity Into Content in 3 Steps by Brad Miller at Search Engine Land

No More MBOs by Brad Feld of Foundry Group

Cash Flow & Destiny by Ben Horowitz

Measuring SaaS (or Cloud) Renewal Rates: Way More Than Meets the Eye by Dave Kellogg

The Cold Emails That Got Me Meetings at Twitter, LinkedIn and Github by Tapiki Cofounder Iris Shoor

Tech is NYC’s Second Largest Job Sector by Fred Wilson at Union Square Ventures


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