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Scooped! What Snapchat Will Be Talking About on the Colbert Report Tonight

At a taping of the Colbert Report, which will air at 11:30pm Eastern Time tonight, the founders of Snapchat sat down for an interview. Don’t want to wait to hear what happens? You’re in luck, a source who attended the taping has the scoop.

The popular image sharing service, which is sending more than 150 Million snaps a day (that 150% more per day than when they announced their funding in early February), received the most laughs when Colbert asked:

“do you make a profit yet? Or does that disappear after 10 seconds too?”

Colbert also equated starting an app in college to starting a band and referred to the code used to delete snaps from their servers as the “mopsquad”.

He wrapped up by taking a snap of the audience and saying “there you go, you guys are immortal. ..for 4 seconds.”

Snapchat is backed by Benchmark Capital and announced a $13.5 M Series A round of financing in February, and has the topic of much discussion and concern, while some say it’s just a bad business. Time will tell whether naysayers get to say “told you so” or quietly eat humble pie. Who knows, this could be Instagram all over again… but who is the lucky suitor this time?

I’d love to hear who you think is the most likely acquirer for Snapchat in the comments!

Image Source: USC Life on Tumblr

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