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The RevOps Framework, Building A Customer Advisory Board, and More – Raise The Bar

The RevOps Framework (read)

Over the past twelve months, FunnelCake interviewed over a hundred B2B Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success leaders.

They used this data to create the definitive framework for Revenue Operations – a new department that manages full funnel operations across the customer lifecycle. To get ahead of the curve, we recommend you read this manifesto.


Always Be Closing Sales

Peter Kazanjy, formerly of TalentBin, covers how to recruit members, gather high-quality feedback, keep relationships strong, and ultimately how to turn advisors into paying customers and advocates in “Start Up on the Right Foot — Build a Customer Advisory Board

Erik Devaney of Drift uses 49 slides to breakdown how you can use their methodology to capture, qualify, and connect with leads in real-time in “Our New Methodology For Real-Time Selling™

Oleg Campbell of Reply.io visualizes what he calls the definitive list of statistics to illustrate how important social selling has become to help you direct your efforts in “72 Social Selling Stats You Should Know


Mattermark Is Now On Salesforce AppExchange

The companies you should be talking to are already in your funnel. Automatically enrich all of your leads in Salesforce with Mattermark.


Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Frederik Hyldig of s360 expands on the Pareto Principle, the Law of Large Numbers, relative and absolute numbers, and Simpson’s Paradox in “The Four Statistical Concepts Every Online Marketer Should Know

Aaron Wittersheim of Straight North releases a 19-slide deck to help you design more efficient campaigns — structured for rapid, continuous improvement in “The Importance of Lead Validation


Grow Up and To The Right

Dani Hart of GrowthHackers finds that, at a high level, high-tempo growth hacking can be broken down into a repeatable four-step process in “Learn Faster with a Growth Process

Soso Sazesh of Growth Pilots answers a variety of specific growth and marketing related questions in “GrowthHackers AMA with Soso Sazesh

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