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Raise the Bar – Engineering-Centric Sales Organization, Product-Channel Fit, and More

Always Be Closing Sales

Derek Draper of Pattern shares exactly what this multi-stage sales plan looks like, including questions that should be asked during each phase of a deal, and how to customize it to your own needs and train up reps as you bring them on in “This Sales Plan Moves the Needle on Every Success Metric

John-Henry Scherck of DocSend runs through the most important considerations for a successful sales enablement purchase in “9 Ways to Make Buying Sales Enablement Software Less Painful

Jordan Harris of Fog Creek Software shares how to build a modern sales process and methodology into an engineering-centric team in “Building an Engineering-Centric Sales Organization

Mattermark Is Now On Salesforce AppExchange

The companies you should be talking to are already in your funnel. Automatically enrich all of your leads in Salesforce with Mattermark.

Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Tyler Hakes of Optimist details his process to create a strategic mix of content for each of your target customers throughout their buying decision in “How to Generate Strategic Content Ideas for Each Funnel Stage

Scott Yacko of Vuurr walks through an example and equation you can use to prove that you have enough data to make a statistically significant decision over which variant is better in “Minimum Sample Size: How Many Users Is Enough?

Grow Up and To The Right

Ruchi Thukral gives detailed insight on how to build your user acquisition funnel using a customer centric framework in “Your User Acquisition Funnel: Jobs To Be Done, and other considerations

Kieran Flanagan of HubSpot finds that a good freemium funnel will convert users to paying customers at about 4% and why getting the scale needed to make it profitable is dependent on product-channel fit in “The Importance of Product-Channel Fit in Freemium

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